Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity

Update: 2008-05-122


On her way to Rockefeller University, Macallan is intercepted by Whitt Roberts posing as a psychiatrist treating her grandmother, Amelia Orsel.  She is suspicious of him, but he finally wins her trust when he provides some insight into her grandmother's mysterious affliction.  Whitt explains that they need to obtain a blood sample from Macallan's grandmother as soon as possible because her time could be running out.  But before Whitt and Macallan can make it to Amelia's apartment, their car is violently T-boned by Anton and Othello who grab Macallan and throw her into their car and speed off.  In the getaway car, Othello grills Macallan about her interaction with Whitt Roberts.  He also takes a sample of Macallan's blood.

The three of them arrive at Sutton Manor, an enormous complex of almost 20 townhouses on the outside, but a single compound on the inside.  A woman named Ikoro analyzes Macallan and her blood before she meets the leader of the compound named Seinshun.  He explains that she is very special and that he has known of her for her entire life.  He explains that he is her great-great-great grandfather and is over 400 years old.  Macallan is highly skeptical but agrees to listen to what Seinshun has to say.  He explains that the immortals are dying from an unknown illness.  Macallan needs to find the Key that can save them.  Seinshun informs Macallan that she must travel to Anchorage, Alaska to engage in a treasure hunting operation to search a shipwreck called the Cedar Elm.  He gives her $5,000,000 to assist her in her journey.

Macallan rushes back to Rockefeller University to tell her lover, Jimmy Saltzer, what has transpired during her unbelievable day.  But instead, she finds a terrible surprise waiting for her in the laboratory. 


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Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity

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