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Miyelani Khumalo on Living before you Die

Miyelani Khumalo on Living before you Die

Update: 2023-08-11


My guest today doesn't describe herself as a cyclist but she probably cycles as much as the average pro. If she isn't running up a storm.

Miyelani Khumalo ran her first race on 19th January 2013, a 5km following her divorce.

She has done over 50 marathons (yes that means more than 42.2km), more than 20 ultra-marathons (anything greater than 42km), and 3 Comrades marathons (yes, a whopping 90kms!)

The 29th of July 2018 saw her take part in the Washie 100miler (162km) race in the Eastern Cape which is run over 26 hours! She didn't finish in the allotted time by 30 seconds but came back to finish this year. Check it out on Instagram!

She then started trail running and has done the “Ultra trail Lesotho 50km, the 76km Addo trail run, the 50miler Mac Mac Ultra trail, and  x6 50km trail races across the country but her pride remains the Karkloof 100miler which she completed in September 2021. 

Miyelani is a single mother to 3 active children aged 12, 7, and 5. She holds a corporate job and is studying towards her 2nd degree. 

Her other interests include golf. And she's currently training for the World Adventure Racing Champs and Ironman in April 2024. 

Her advice to women is JUST START and “live before you die” in all you do!

PS We didn't chat about it during the show but afterwards I asked her about how she fuels her body for all of this?
"I haven’t gotten a lot of things figured out in my life, so much that I am still trying to figure out a fuelling strategy that works for my lifestyle. I do, however try to keep my eating clean, mainly made up of fruits and vegetables and meat as a form of protein. I have recently cut out alcohol from my diet and am very intentional about my water intake. Leading up to a big race or event, I toughen up my eating and take in a lot of protein in a form of supplements."

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Miyelani Khumalo on Living before you Die

Miyelani Khumalo on Living before you Die

Miyelani Kumalo