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Mobile Apps That Can  Impact Your Operation

Mobile Apps That Can Impact Your Operation

Update: 2022-03-04



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Gene (00:02 ):

Hey everybody. And welcome to the Hartford's Small Biz Ahead podcast. My name is Gene Marks. Thanks so much for joining me. What I wanna talk about this week has to do with apps, mobile apps. I've been speaking to a bunch of clients and people in my community and asking them, "hey, what kind of mobile apps are you using to help run your business?" It's kind of a big deal. One of my clients says who's been running his company for 14 years. I mean, he says that like, he's never been able to work smarter or more efficient, thanks to the mobile apps that he's using. People are using mobile apps in their businesses to get things done in a more expedited and well organized pace than ever before.

Gene (00:48 ):

The whole mobile app thing is really catching on. In 2021, check this out, consumers and small businesses spent almost 4 trillion hours using mobile apps and paid more than $320,000 at app stores every minute of the day during the year, it's a 20% increase from the previous records recorded in 2020. That is an unbelievable number. And I thank App Annie, which is a report, you know, a research firm that studies mobile data and analytics. You can tell that mobile apps are really, really important. So let's talk about the mobile apps. What are small businesses using? Well, let me go over a few of them that I think that you should know. First of all, there's email, so if you're out and about, I think that that is an obvious thing.

Gene (01:37 ):

Microsoft Outlook, Google's Gmail are very, very important. I personally use my email from my CRM. It's called Zoho Mail. Some people do all their communications on mobile apps from some messaging services like Facebook and LinkedIn have great mobile apps. Two other mobile apps that you might wanna look into. One is called Aqua Mail, and the other is called ProtonMail. All those stand apart from Outlook and Google and have more administrative capabilities. I have some clients that like both of those applications very much. And also I have one client who likes a little mobile app called Spark. What Spark does is it brings together all messages into one place and helps him prioritize his responses. So, those are some of the really great email apps you should consider: Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Zoho Mail, Aqua Mail, ProtonMail and Spark. Those are the email applications you should consider.

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Mobile Apps That Can  Impact Your Operation

Mobile Apps That Can Impact Your Operation

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