Modern Fossils PARS532

Modern Fossils PARS532

Update: 2020-09-11


On episode 532 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, Modern Fossils make their debut to talk about the band and their album "Incredible Edibles".

Segment 1 with Modern Fossils

Where did your band name, Modern Fossils, come from?

If there was a catastrophic event that erased almost all the humans off the earth, which Modern Fossils song should survive and help with the repopulation of the Earth?

Tell me about an embarrassing moment that someone else in the band had on stage?

If you were headlining a worldwide tour, what bands from the Pittsburgh Scene would you take with you to open?

If you could open for any band in the history of music, what band would you want to open for and why?

If you could sit down on a bench for 1 hour and speak to a musician, but only ask them one question, who would you talk to and what would you ask?

If I was flipping through a social studies book, why would I find Modern Fossils in it?

Who would be your "Dave Grohl"?

If you were on tour and I was following you around, what would the soundtrack to our trip be?

Segment 2 with Larry, Billy, Danielle, & Brendon

Do you have any shows coming up?

If someone was trying to book you, how would they do that?

Besides not having shows, how else has the pandemic affected your band?

What is something your fans would be surprised to learn about you?

If I were to play one of your songs backwards, what would we hear?

What is something that you absolutely love about the music scene and something you hate about it?

If you band was secretly a group of superheroes, what superpower would each of you have?

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Modern Fossils PARS532

Modern Fossils PARS532

William Domiano