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Modernize or Die® - CFML News for December 10th, 2019

Modernize or Die® - CFML News for December 10th, 2019

Update: 2019-12-10


2019-12-10 Weekly News - Episode 31

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Gavin Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions
Luis Majano - Creator / CEO for Ortus Solutions

News and Events

Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Update 7 Released

ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 7 addresses vulnerabilities that are mentioned in the security bulletin, APSB19-58.
The update includes a fix for the ColdFusion Administrator UI. The vulnerability affects Windows platform only. Users on non-Windows platform need not apply this update.

Year-End Development Update: Announcing Lucee (Release Candidate 2) and Final 2019 Sprint
First, as you’ve probably noticed, this has been an especially long Release Candidate period since we shipped (RC). This was due in part to typical annual demands of the CFCamp conference in Germany, for which we spent some significant time working on the roadmap for the next major and minor versions of Lucee, creating some test builds for demo purposes, etc. But more importantly, it’s also due to an uptick in regressions over the past two releases ( (final) (RC)). We spent a lot more time than anticipated working with ticket reporters, identifying regression sources, and of course discussing/debating then implementing and testing fixes.
Read more:

Online #ColdFusion Meetup - "Please pass the salt: Serve up passwords w/ a side of entropy", with Brad Wood
Thursday Dec 12 at 12pm EST
Passwords are like opinions, everyone has them and some are easier to figure out than others. As application developers and DBAs, our users entrust us with the precious keys to their social media, E-mails, bank accounts, and shopping history. Hopefully everyone has figured out storing your passwords in plain text is really bad, but is a simple hash good enough?

Webinar - ColdFusion for the Next Decade – All about the Buzzworthy ColdFusion 2020

January 16th, 2020 - Presented by Rakshith Naresh - Product Manager for ColdFusion and Captivate Prime Content Catalog
One of the reasons for ColdFusion’s success right from its inception is that the platform has been able to pivot at regular intervals to remain relevant for the future. There are very few technologies that have managed to stay in the game for so long and that is something all of us in the community are proud of. ColdFusion 2020, slated to be released next year, is going one such pivotal release in the history of ColdFusion. The vision for ColdFusion 2020 goes like this:
“To be the modernized platform of choice for building cloud-native microservice applications with absolute focus on ease of use without getting locked to a particular cloud vendor (multi-cloud).”
Attend this session as the Product Manager for ColdFusion unravels every piece of ColdFusion 2020 that leads to the overarching vision.
Register online:

ColdBox 6 Alpha

ColdBox 6 Alpha is ready to work on ForgeBox. Luis is working with Completable Futures in the Core to make it even better.
Install from ForgeBox with CommandBox with: box install coldbox@6.0.0-snapshot

MongoDB Lucee Extension Update

Mostly fixes, especially for 5.2+ including 5.3 issues.

SOLD OUT - Online Training - Pete Freitag - ColdFusion Security Training - Writing Secure CFML

A hands-on CFML / ColdFusion Security Training class for developers. Learn how to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in your ColdFusion / CFML applications.
cfml code
When: Wednesday December 11, 2019 @ 11am-2pm & Thursday December 12 @ 11am-2pm
(Eastern Standard Time, UTC -5) - 6 hours in total.
Where: Online / Web Conference
Who: Taught by Pete Freitag
Cost: Regular price $450/student)
Early Bird and Punctual Bird Pricing over and sold out!
Group (4+) Discounts Available ( upon request )

Top Secret Training - Mid April 2020 in Washington DC
Aligning with CF Summit East - Final Date TBA
Tell us which workshop you want us to run - ColdBox Zero to Hero or ColdBox Hero to SuperHero

Into the Box Training - May 2020 in Houston, Texas
6 Workshops - to be decided.

Top Secret Training - Early October 2020 in Singapore
AWS API Super Hero in action

Top Secret Training - Late October 2020 in Las Vegas
Aligning with CF Summit West - Final Date TBA
ColdBox Zero to Hero
ColdBox Hero to SuperHero

Screencast - Brad Wood - Using the FusionReactor Profiler to find slow code

In this tutorial, Brad Wood shows how to use FusionReactor features such as the request Profiler to identify several bottlenecks of slow code in a ColdFusion app.


Into the Box LATAM (LatinoAmerica) - SOLD OUT

Dec 4, 2019 - San Salvador, El Salvador
1 Day - 1 Track - Presented in Spanish
Speakers include: Luis Majano, Edgardo Cabezas, Jorge Reyes, Jon Clausen, Esmeralda Acevedo, Stephanie Monge, Javier Quintero
Lots of great content, I had to use google translate to know what they were talking about.

Check out on twitter @intotheboxlatam and #intotheboxlatam
Blog Post: Curacao sponsors an unprecedented worldwide event in the region, the Into the Box Latin America
In addition to the important sponsorship of La Curacao and other companies, the Into the Box Latin America has, for the first time, the support of the Government of El Salvador, through the Ministry of Innovation, through which work will be carried out to encourage technological spaces.

CF Summit India

Dec 7, 2019 - Bangalore
The ColdFusion India Summit is a confluence of everything in the realm of web applications. If you develop web applications, this is the place to be. For designers, developers, strategists and thought leaders, the ColdFusion India Summit provides the perfect forum to exchange ideas, inspiration and experiences.
In addition to opportunities to interact with ColdFusion experts, domain leaders and peers, get to learn about the latest technologies, techniques, and strategies to rapidly build and successfully deliver web applications to the market. With the web applications scenario evolving rapidly, explore how ColdFusion is driving change and how you can propel this dynamism.
Registration is complimentary.

Search for #cfsummit2019 or #CFSummitIndia
Yogest wrote a blog about the Conference
Video - Tharun ( Darting Knight ) - A day at the Adobe Office | Adobe Coldfusion Summit | Office tour and my experience

Into the Box 2020

May 6-8, 2020 | Texas
Hyatt Place The Woodlands
1909 Research Forest Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77380
Call for Speakers is now open. We are always looking for lots of different content from different speakers, don’t be shy, submit something. Does not have to be related to BOX products.
Early bird tickets will be available close to the end of the year.
Call for Speakers:
Buy 2019 Videos:

Blogs, Tweets and Videos of the Week

Blog - Ben Nadel - The Elvis Operator Can Be Chained Multiple Times In A Single Expression In Lucee CFML
In Lucee CFML, the "Elvis operator" - ?: - is a binary operator that returns the first operand if it is non-null; otherwise, it evaluates and returns the second operand. I haven't used the Elvis operator all that much, so I am still getting used to how it works. And, historically, I've only ever used it once in a single expression. The other day, however, I had a scenario where I wanted to use it several times in a single expression; and, I was happy to find that it works exactly as you might hope in Lucee CFML

Tweet - Lucee about Tutorials
Want to increase your knowledge? Dive into our tutorials. For example: Want to use Java in Lucee? Check out our Java-Lucee tutorial.
#welovelucee #lucee #coldfusion #cfml #opensource #webdevelopment #tech #java #learnlucee

Tweet - Pete Freitag - ColdFusion Newsletter released
Just sent out another ColdFusion Newsletter: Thanks again, all those creating CF content: @carehart @BenNadel @coldfumonkeh @mjclemente84 @cfsimplicity @DFGrumpy @cf_camp @GoIntoTheBox and more!

Tweet - Matthew Clemente - About the ColdFusion Newsletter
But I still haven't finished reading all the content from @foundeo's last #cfml newsletter!

Video - Fusion Reactor - Java Automatic Root Cause Error Analysis - Instant insight into Java exceptions
Event Snapshots are intended to provide deep-level insight whenever a problem, such as an exception or thread latency occurs. Snapshots are triggered automatically. The Event Snapshot displays source code, scope variables, stack trace, and logging information at the point the problem occurs; providing everything you need to isolate the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tweet - Brad Wood - Pete Freitag helping Brad chase down
I just spent the morning troubleshooting an odd SSL handshake error, only to find it went away when I updated to the latest version of Java 11.  Thanks to @foundeo and his vast SSL knowledge for helping me! #CFML

Tweet - Luis Majano about Into the Box LATAM
We are ready for the first sold out into the box in Latin America. The modernization is about to begin @intotheboxlatam #coldfusion #cfml #modernizeOrDie

Blog - Yogesh from Lucid Outsourcing Solutions
I attended Coldfusion India Summit 2019 conference in Adobe Bengaluru office on 7th Dec 2019 for the 2nd time, it was nice to meet 180+ CF developers

Video - Tharun ( Darting Knight ) - A day at the Adobe Office | Adobe Coldfusion Summit | Office tour and my experience
A great video giving you a taste of the conference and the venue, from an excited young developer. Great to see new people learning about ColdFusion but also attending the conference.

Tweet - Brad Wood - CF Evangelist Kit PDF
Just heard back from Elishia at Adobe and she provided me with this link:… Check out the 3rd page for the stats I mentioned.  There's a lot more good stuff in there too. #CFML #ColdFusion

Tweet - James Moberg - Raymon Camden’s 13 year old UPS package still going strong
Hey @raymondcamden It's been 13 yrs since you released your #ColdFusion UPS Package (aka CFUPS). It continues to work. FYI: UPS notified my client that the default LIVE_URL will be disabled on 12/31. ("www" needs to be changed to "onlinetools".)

Special Podcast Challenge - $25 For whoever publishes the UPS source code as a ColdBox Module in ForgeBox by end of the year!


Several positions available on
Listing over 22 ColdFusion positions from 17 companies across 15 locations in 5 Countries.

3 Month Contract for Cold Fusion Developer in Washington DC, USA
We have a cold fusion conversion project we need to take on and are looking for a cold fusion resource to help us for a few months.
Must have the ability to obtain and maintain an Active Secret security clearance with the Department of Defense
Currently have an old application running on Cold Fusion 9 in a Windows Server 2008 environment.
Needs to be upgraded to a newer version of Cold Fusion that can run in a Windows Server 2012 environment.
Dept of State has told us this must be completed by January 14, 2020 as that is the end of life support for WS 2008
Certifications or degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline
Years’ experience: 8+
Nicole Valente | Technical Recruiter | Apex Systems
Office: 703-256-2000  | eFax: 703-842-8275

Full Time Coldfusion Consultant Position for SCC in Dundee,  United Kingdom
I am currently recruiting for an experienced Coldfusion consultant with up to date ColdFusion 2018 best-practice knowledge to deploy two CF Instances on separate VMs.

Full Time Senior ColdFusion Developer at American Access Casualty Company inj Downers Grove, IL,  United States
The Senior ColdFusion Developer role is to write code, test, and analyze software programs and web-based applications. The position includes researching, designing, documenting, and modifying software specifications throughout the production life cycle. The developer will also analyze and amend software errors in a timely and accurate fashion, provide weekly status reports, and suggest code improvement, where applicable.

ForgeBox Module of the Week

VERSIONHEADER v1.0.6 (MODULES) by Gavin Pickin

This module determines the version of your app from a .version file and then creates a response header for you. The module sets a header called x-server-version.

This module is ideal for clustered setups, or docker swarms, where the code could be running on one of many servers. This will allow you to know which version of the code your app is running.

box install versionHeader
Last Update: Mar 28 2018 05:31 PM | Installs: 1,987 | Views: 409 | Versions: 3

VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week

Color Picker for VS Code

anseki - 412,923 installs

Helper with GUI to generate color codes such as CSS color notations.
And, a command Convert Color to change the color notation.

A dialog box is shown by pressing Alt + C P keys or command Pick Color. If a cursor is positioned on a string that is color notation at that time, that string is selected as target for editing.

Thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters

These individuals are personally supporting our open source initiatives to ensure the great toolings like CommandBox, ForgeBox, ColdBox, ContentBox, TestBox and all the other boxes keep getting the continuous development they need, and funds the cloud infrastructure at our community relies on like ForgeBox for our Package Management with CommandBox.

If we’re getting your name wrong please let us know.

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Modernize or Die® - CFML News for December 10th, 2019

Modernize or Die® - CFML News for December 10th, 2019

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