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Modernize or Die® - CFML News for December 17th, 2019

Modernize or Die® - CFML News for December 17th, 2019

Update: 2019-12-18


2019-12-17 Weekly News - Episode 32

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Gavin Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions
Brad Wood - Lead Developer for CommandBox for Ortus Solutions

News and Events

Ortus Solutions - ForgeBox v.4.9.0 Released
Today we are pleased to announce a minor release for our FORGEBOX suite of products to version 4.9.0. This release includes lots of fixes and some great additions for your development needs for all Editions: Community and Enterprise.

QB 7.0 ending Beta
Contact Eric Peterson if you have any last minute feedback before he closes the Beta and cuts the 7.0 release.

Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Update 7 available on ForgeBox
CommandBox can now spin up the latest updated version.

Online #ColdFusion Meetup - "Start Doing `Integrated` Testing", with Gavin Pickin
Thursday Dec 19 at 12pm EST
Sadly, most Developers don’t test their code like they should because testing can be hard, and it time consuming and the customer doesn’t want to pay for it. In this session, I’ll show you how easy testing can be, how quick it can be, and better yet, it's FUN!

In case you missed it: "Please pass the salt: Serve up passwords w/ a side of entropy", with Brad Wood -

Webinar - ColdFusion for the Next Decade – All about the Buzzworthy ColdFusion 2020
January 16th, 2020 - Presented by Rakshith Naresh - Product Manager for ColdFusion and Captivate Prime Content Catalog
One of the reasons for ColdFusion’s success right from its inception is that the platform has been able to pivot at regular intervals to remain relevant for the future. There are very few technologies that have managed to stay in the game for so long and that is something all of us in the community are proud of. ColdFusion 2020, slated to be released next year, is going one such pivotal release in the history of ColdFusion. The vision for ColdFusion 2020 goes like this:
“To be the modernized platform of choice for building cloud-native microservice applications with absolute focus on ease of use without getting locked to a particular cloud vendor (multi-cloud).”
Attend this session as the Product Manager for ColdFusion unravels every piece of ColdFusion 2020 that leads to the overarching vision.
Register online:


Into the Box 2020
May 6-8, 2020 | Texas
Hyatt Place The Woodlands
1909 Research Forest Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77380
Call for Speakers is now open. We are always looking for lots of different content from different speakers, don’t be shy, submit something. Does not have to be related to BOX products.
Early bird tickets will be available close to the end of the year.
Call for Speakers:
Buy 2019 Videos:


Blogs, Tweets and Videos of the Week

Tweet - James Moberg - Game Over
When researching #ColdFusion issues, I refer to #CFDocs to identify params, opt/req flags, data types & view examples. @OpenBlueDragon has good examples. EX: The WriteDump example illustrates passing multiple named params… #cfml #ArgumentCollection

Blog - Charlie Arehart - Adobe ColdFusion Blog - Online ColdFusion Meetup meeting, Dec 19, 11a Central. All welcome
We will have the 258th meeting of the Online ColdFusion Meetup this week, Thursday Dec 19 at 11a US Central time. The presentation will be:
“Start Doing `Integrated` Testing”, with Gavin Pickin

Blog - Matthew Clemente - Contributing to CommandBox - Steps for Building and Developing Locally
One of the appeals of open source software is that anyone can contribute. When you encounter a problem with an open source project, beyond simply reporting the bug, you have the means of resolving it - anyone can send a PR. Having recently gone through this process with CommandBox, I thought it might be helpful to share the steps for contributing.
What follows is a brief guide to running your own fork of CommandBox, so that you can develop locally, before submitting a pull request to merge your changes back into the main project.
Credit where it’s due, this primarily consists of me recounting the instructions and insights that Brad Wood provided while I put together a PR for a bug that I had reported.

Blog - Ortus Solutions - ForgeBox v.4.9.0 Released
Today we are pleased to announce a minor release for our FORGEBOX suite of products to version 4.9.0. This release includes lots of fixes and some great additions for your development needs for all Editions: Community and Enterprise.

Blog - Fusion Reactor - Ephemeral Dockers as Tool Containers
Developing tools to automate what you do often is common sense. But what if you want to share your tools with other developers? As soon as you have something that relies on more than a simple script, you’re going to be faced with dependencies and distribution headaches. Docker can solve that.

Blog - Fusion Reactor - Debug Your Applications from Development to Production
FusionReactor’s Java and ColdFusion Debugger is a game changing “production-ready” tool to give you INSTANT insight into your development & production environments to MINIMIZE issue identification time
Includes a video

Tweet - Zac Spitzer - Lucee Docs Update - Unimplemented
Just updated the Lucee docs to reflect when a tag/function's argument/attribute has a status which isn't implemented
This should be helpful for people migrating apps from #coldfusion to #Lucee #cfml

Blog - Computer Know How - Keys to Workplace Wellness Part 2 – Physical Wellness
In part one of “Keys to Workplace Wellness” I explained that to have a well rounded approach to wellness we must consider mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.  All of these directly impact our day-to-day work place and overall life experience. In part two of this three part blog we will cover Physical well being.

Blog - Charlie Arehart - ColdFusion 2018 update 7 released you "need" it?
Adobe released update 7 for CF2018 today, and as it includes a security fix, some might think I'd say everyone should apply it.
But note first that the security aspect applies only to those running CF on Windows (and even then not ALL users of CF on Windows, as I will explain).
Then again, the update also includes a bug fix to a CF Admin, for a UI issue (related to updates, in fact), and if you need that, then you do want the fix (regardless of your OS).
So who needs it? If you need a little more guidance, I offer some clarification, as well as links from Adobe for more.

Blog - Three ColdBox Features I Learned While Building A URL Shortener
I learned some cool ColdBox things while live-coding last night, thanks to Gavin Pickin. (Should I just call this post "Three Things I Learned from Gavin?") Here's a quick wrap-up of those tips, showing you why they're useful and how to easily add them to your ColdBox app.

Coding Challenge of the Month

$25 For whoever publishes the UPS source code as a ColdBox Module in ForgeBox by end of the year!


Several positions available on
Listing over 23 ColdFusion positions from 18 companies across 16 locations in 5 Countries

Full Time Senior ColdFusion Application Developer for Perspecta in Washington, DC,  United States
Understanding of ColdFusion Best Practices. Certified Scrum Developer (CSD), Adobe ColdFusion Certification. Provide support for the full life cycle of software...

Full Time IT Engineer Applications (Coldfusion developer/admin) for Akraya Inc in Portland, OR,  United States
Update and enhance existing Coldfusion applications. Coldfusion programming, IIS security and SSL certificate configuration.

Full Time ColdFusion Software Engineer for Webstaurant Store, Inc. in Tampa, FL,  United States
Web programming experience with ColdFusion version 9+. As a ColdFusion Software Engineer, you will be: Webstaurantstore has multiple on site openings for...

10-month Contract for  ColdFusion Developer, Senior in Albany, NY
Will be responsible for coding these new enhancements along with coding any enhancement that was not able to be done in prior rounds.

Jobs from Larry Lyons and the Northern Virginia CFUG

Full-time - CF and Python job in McLean, VA 22101
Software Engineer, Web Application Development
We are looking for an experienced software engineer to join our team. You will be working on some really ambitious projects and creating new features in our development road map. You will also be collaborating with the team to transition legacy codebases to a new stack. We are looking for someone that loves building, enjoys problem solving and operates well both autonomously and on a team.

Sr. Cold Fusion Developer for Savi Solutions in Washington DC
Savi Solutions is currently seeking a Sr. Cold Fusion Developer to join our Program/Project Management team in DC metro area to support development efforts for a large Government agency. This position requires an individual to have 7+ years of relevant experience. Qualified candidates should possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, good oral and written skills and attention to detail.
Contact Venkat Iyer -

ForgeBox Module of the Week

Singleton Leak Detector - v1.1.2 - (MODULES)

A debugging module to help detect var scoping issues in your singletons. Instead of using static code analysis, this module latches onto WireBox to track each of the singleton CFCs that get created. The contents of each CFC's variables scope will have a snapshot stored upon its creation so it can be compared later in the life of your application to see if vars have leaked out of your methods and into the shared variables scope.

box install singleton-leak-detector --saveDev

Last Update: Mar 08 2018 09:56 AM | Installs: 1,277 | Views: 847 | Versions: 9

VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week

Shades of Purple

Ahmad Awais - 688,851 installs - 5 stars

Shades of Purple (SOP)
A professional theme with hand-picked & bold shades of purple for your VS Code editor and terminal. One of the excellent most downloaded and top rated VSCode Themes on the marketplace.

Author has a VS Code Power User Course:

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Modernize or Die® - CFML News for December 17th, 2019

Modernize or Die® - CFML News for December 17th, 2019

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