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Modernize or Die® - CFML News for March 3rd, 2020

Modernize or Die® - CFML News for March 3rd, 2020

Update: 2020-03-03


2020-02-25 Weekly News - Episode 42

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Gavin and Brad host this weeks episode.They discuss TestBox 3.2.0 being released, CMD is announced as Gold Sponsors of Into the Box, a live stream from Matthew Clemente, Ortus' next webinar on CBElasticSearch and the recording of Jon Clausens Webinar from last week on getting started with CFML Containers. They discuss Docker Swarm getting continued support after the Mirantis acquisition. They remind you about more videos in the CF Summit 2019 Playlist, and remind you to please fill out the State of the CF Union 2020 Survey. The new Modernize or Die Podcast the Conference Edition is now on Itunes and there are more episodes released.

They discuss more information on CF Summit East 2020 including the speaker announcements, as well as the Post Conference CF Specialist Certification Workshop and Ortus PreConference Workshops. They talk about ITB 2020 and the workshops, including the sessions and speaker announcements. We talk about upcoming conferences later in the year.

They spotlight a lot of great blog posts, tweets, videos and podcasts, too many to list, so listen to the show. They show off our ForgeBox module of the Week, SafeBrowsing by Sean Daniels and this week's VS Code extensions, Rest-Client.


Brad Wood - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions
Gavin Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions

Thanks to our Sponsor - Ortus Solutions

Living in a legacy environment is like living in chains: you are restricted in all movement and capacity. Each new line of code you add and each new dependency you integrate on top of your legacy application, only make the chains stronger and your monolith will keep growing.
Ortus can help you tame your monolith and modernize today.

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We are at the 38% mark for fully funding all of our Modernize or Die Podcasts via our Patreon site: . If you love our podcasts and all we do for the #coldfusion #cfml community consider chipping in, we are almost there!

News and Events

TestBox v3.2.0 Released

We are excited to announce a new minor release of TestBox version 3.2.0. To install just use CommandBox: install testbox --saveDev or to update your TestBox installation update testbox. 2 improvements and 4 bug fixes

Sponsors Announced for Into the Box 2020

CMD Confirmed as Gold Sponsor

Live stream from Matthew Clemente

Gonna give live coding a try. Hang out with me while I work on a CFML API wrapper for an LOTR API... Yeah, it's a lot of acronyms.

Next Ortus Webinar - CBElasticSearch with Michael Born

March 27th at 11:00 AM EST (GMT -5:00 )
with Michael Born
More information and registration link coming soon:

In Case you Missed it - Getting Started with ColdFusion (CFML) Containers with Jon Clausen

Jon Clausen talked to us about Containerizing CFML Applications. So, if you ever thought about containerizing your application and you’re trying to wrap up your head around the implementation details, then this webinar is just for you!
Watch the recording:

Docker announced Long term support for SWARM!!!! Swarm Lives
Here at Mirantis, we’re excited to announce our continued support for Docker Swarm, while also investing in new features requested by customers.
Following our acquisition of Docker Enterprise in November 2019, we affirmed at least two years of continued Swarm support, pending discussions with customers. These conversations have led us to the conclusion that our customers want continued support of Swarm without an implied end date.

More Videos added to CF Summit 2019 Playlist

All of the videos are up there except, Eric Peterson?

Reminder: State of the CF Union 2020 Survey

Help us find out the state of the CF Union – what versions of CFML Engine do people use, what frameworks, tools etc. We will share the summary results with everyone who completes the survey so that you can see how you compare with other CF developers.
Most questions are multiple choice checkboxes that are fast to answer. Thanks for your time completing this survey!

Modernize or Die ® Podcast - Conference Edition - Now on Itunes

In this podcast we spotlight upcoming ColdFusion Conferences, and talk to organizers, workshop trainers and speakers to uncover all the information you and your company needs to decide what conferences and workshops to attend, and what sessions you need to see.
Several more workshop interviews were released, and more on the way, and speakers coming up after that.

Brad Wood - Intro to BDD Workshop - ITB2020 - Episode 4

Charlie Arehart - Troubleshooting Common CF/Lucee Server Challenges - ITB2020 - Episode 5

Luis Majano, Jon Clausen and Michael Born’s episodes will be coming out in the next week on their workshops.


Adobe CF Summit East 2020

Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm *Time subject to change.
Location: Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
999 Ninth Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
Cost: Complimentary

Save the date to join Adobe and Carahsoft for our interactive Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2020 to exchange ideas, inspiration, and experiences among fellow designers, developers, strategists, and thought leaders alike.

Adobe ColdFusion delivers a single platform to rapidly develop, deploy, and manage scalable, high-performing web and mobile enterprise applications — enabling agencies across the U.S. to embrace futuristic technologies with ease.

Speakers: Luis Majano, Charlie Arehart, Bruno Zugay, Dave Watts, Elishia Dvorak, Brian Klaas, Pete Freitag, Dave Ferguson, Brian Sappey

Adobe - ColdFusion Specialist Certification POST Conference

Date: Thursday, April 23, 2020
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
*Time subject to change.
Location: Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
                 999 Ninth Street NW
                 Washington, DC 20001
Cost: $499.00 USD *early bird discount
          $699.00 USD *after February 29, 2020
Description: The Adobe ColdFusion Specialist Program is a full-day certificate classroom program, delivered by top Adobe ColdFusion experts. You will be enrolled into the course as soon as you register and will receive course instructions and prep materials two weeks prior to the on-site program date. Following the training you will complete an online assessment – upon successful completion, you will receive your Adobe ColdFusion Specialist certificate.

Ortus Solutions - Build Secure MVC ColdFusion Applications - Pre Conference

MON, APR 20, 2020, 9:00 AM – TUE, APR 21, 2020, 5:30 PM EDT
Price: $899
In this 2-day workshop you will learn how to build a secure and scalable ColdFusion MVC application. We will design a twitter-like application (SoapBox) and build it using the most popular ColdFusion MVC Framework: ColdBox. We will design the client in UML and then build it using object orientation, database migrations, fluent query builders and then secure it using our rule engine: cbSecurity. We will also leverage behavior driven development (BDD) to build the entire client using a feature-test-driven approach.
Modernize your skills and applications with modern techniques and tooling.
Blog Post:
Register Now:

Into the Box 2020

May 5-8, 2020 | Texas - 2 Days of Workshops
Hyatt Place The Woodlands
1909 Research Forest Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77380
Into The Box 2020 tickets are up for sale now! To thank you for your loyalty, our #SuperEarlyBird all access pass will be $200 off the original price and you can select your workshop once the schedule is published #ModernizeOrDie
Register now:
Buy 2019 Videos:

4 Days - 2 Day workshops + 2 Day Conference = $899 Early Bird ( normally $999 )
3 Days - 1 Day workshops + 2 Day Conference = $699 Early Bird ( normally $799 )
2 Days workshops only - $599 Early Bird
1 Day workshop only = $399 Early Bird
2 Day Conference = $399 Early Bird
Into the Box 2020 Workshops
Keep an ear out for Modernize or Die Podcast - Conference Edition, Gavin is interviewing all of the workshop trainers so you can find out more about the workshops.

We announced last week we were offering 2 days of workshops so now you have options.

You can take one of our offered 2 day workshops:
ColdBox Zero to Hero - Gavin Pickin
ColdBox Hero to SuperHero - API Edition - Luis Majano
Or you could take 1 day workshops on both days or just 1 day.
Day one:
Intro to BDD - Brad Wood
Containerizing CFML Applications - Jon Clausen
Intro to Quick ORM - Eric Peterson
Day Two:
Intro to BDD - Brad Wood
Containerizing CFML Applications - Jon Clausen
CBElastic Search - Michael Born - Eric Peterson
Troubleshooting Common CF/Lucee Server Challenges - Charlie Arehart

CF Summit West

Late October, October Wed and Thurs 28 & 29th.
Pre Conference Certification Tuesday October 27th.
More information coming soon.

CF Camp
Dates Coming Soon - Probably looking at Oct/Nov

More conferences:

Blogs, Tweets and Videos of the Week

Blog - Ben Nadel - Getting The RGB Color Value Of An Image Pixel Using GraphicsMagick And Lucee CFML
Now that I have my GraphicsMagick Docker playground up and running, it's time to start recreating some functionality with the gm command-line tool that I would have historically done with ColdFusion's CFImage tag. Starting out simple, I wanted to see if I could read in the Color value (Hex or RGB) of a given pixel from within an image using Lucee CFML And, to make this demo a bit more interesting, the pixel coordinates can be selected by the user with a sprinkling of JavaScript.

Video - Matthew Clemente - First CommandBox Custom Command
A walk-through of the process for creating your first CommandBox Custom Command. This type of CommandBox module enables ColdFusion developers build their own commands for the CommandBox CLI, written in CFML.

Blog - Ortus Solutions - CMD Confirmed as Gold Sponsor for Into the Box 2020
Into the Box has become a community of developers and interested individuals that share the same passion: excellency in what they do. As such, we are excited to announce our upcoming partnership for Into the Box 2020. This time around, we have CMD, a full-stack web-consultancy company which excels in helping clients develop amazing apps.

Blog - Ben Nadel - Creating A GraphicsMagick Playground With Docker, CommandBox, And Lucee CFML
When Adobe first introduced the CFImage tag in ColdFusion 8, I thought it was the bee's knees! Suddenly, this language that made everything else easy now made image manipulation easy as well. In the years since then, however, I've grown to view ColdFusion's image manipulation with a bit of hesitation. In fact, I'm interested in moving more of my image manipulation over to GraphicsMagick, a command-line utility that's completely dedicated to image manipulation. In order to get a sense of what that journey might entail, I wanted to create a little GraphicsMagick playground for myself using Docker, CommandBox, and Lucee CFML.

Tweet - Brad Wood - Lucee Light now on ForgeBox
There's a new "lucee-light" slug on ForgeBox w/ no-extension Lucee CommandBox engines for every historical Lucee release. 
start cfengine=lucee-light
Also ALL snapshot Lucee builds are now on Forgebox too, backfilled from 5.2.9 for your testing convenience! #CFML #ColdFusion

Tweet - Brad Wood - Last chance for 5.0.0 Release Candidate bug reports
Have you tested the CommandBox 5.0.0 release candidate yet?  I'll likely be releasing it this week unless any issues come up.  Speak now or forever hold your bug reports... until 5.1.0 comes out :)… #CFML #CommandBox

Blog - Brain Klaas - Speaking at IntoTheBox 2020 on CFML and AWS S3
I’m privileged to once again speak at the superb IntoTheBox conference in early May, 2020, in Houston, TX. While skewed toward development in CMFL, the conference focuses on intermediate to advanced level sessions on modern web application development and cloud deployment. In addition to two days of workshops on Box-specific tools and technologies, there are sessions on migrating legacy applications to modern dev stacks, Java streams, container deployment on AWS Fargate, database performance, and more.
My presentation is “I Didn’t Know S3 Could Do That!” It’s a look beyond using S3 as simple file storage, which is how most developers work with the service. S3 can do so much, and it would be impossible to cover everything it can do in less than an hour, but...

Blog - Charlie Arehart - Did you know that CF2018 imports environment vars into the Server scope?
This is a hidden gem that I never saw documented anywhere: CF2018 now imports environment variables into the CF "server" scope, specifically: server.system.environment
and java system properties

Blog - James Moberg - Language Detection using ColdFusion/Java
In the past, I've used character ranges in an attempt to identify the language of text. While this seemed to work for Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Korean & Arabic, it was pretty useless when it came to Latin languages like French, German & Spanish.

Blog - James Moberg - TokenReplace - A ColdFusion User-Defined Function
I've worked with different projects that perform tokenization differently; often it involves using different delimiters. While researching I saw that Drupal (which I don't use) has an official TokenReplace function documented in their API. I thought I'd write something similar since this this doesn't appear to be a function that Adobe ColdFusion currently has.

Tweet - Matthew Clemente - Live Stream with LOTR API Wrapper creation
Well, certainly had my fair share of issues with OBS and the livestream, but in an hour I got a #cfml wrapper put together for the LOTR API and published to ForgeBox:
All in all, not a bad first live coding session! #ColdFusion

Blog - John Whish - AliasPoorYorik - ColdFusion Portal - ArraySome and ArrayEvery added in 2018 update 5
I’d missed (or forgotten) that `ArraySome` and `ArrayEvery` were added in ColdFusion 2018 update 5 so thought I’d blog about it in case others weren’t aware.
Now we know they exist, what are they for?

Coding Challenge of the Month - March 2020

$25 each for 2 lucky winners.
We’ll announce next in episode 44.


Several positions available on
Listing over 31 ColdFusion positions from 24 companies across 22 locations in 5 Countries

Full-Time - ColdFusion Developer – Toronto at Toronto, ON - Canada
Posted Feb 28

Full-Time - ColdFusion Developer (SR1378) at Albuquerque, NM - United States
Posted Feb 26

ForgeBox Module of the Week

SafeBrowsing by Sean Daniels

Service object for interacting with Google SafeBrowsing Lookup v4 API.
The module creates a mapping for ThreatMatches@safebrowsing which has the following methods:

checkURLs(required array urls) returns a struct of data from the API describing any issues in the URLs submitted
isThreat(required string url) returns true if the URL is problematic for any reason, false if it's "safe"

To use add your Google API_KEY to the module settings in Coldbox.cfc:

box install safebrowsing

VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week

REST Client by Huachao Mao - 799,202 installs - 5 stars

REST Client allows you to send HTTP request and view the response in Visual Studio Code directly.

A few of the many features available:
Send/Cancel/Rerun HTTP request in editor and view response in a separate pane with syntax highlight
Send cURL command in editor and copy HTTP request as cURL command
Auto save and view/clear request history
Organize MULTIPLE requests in the same file (separated by ### delimiter)
View image response directly in pane
Save raw response and response body only to local disk
Fold and unfold response body
Customize font(size/family/weight) in response preview

Thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters

Thanks to our newest Patreon Sponsor - Mingo Hagen - So new he’s not on the website yet

These individuals are personally supporting our open source initiatives to ensure the great toolings like CommandBox, ForgeBox, ColdBox, ContentBox, TestBox and all the other boxes keep getting the continuous development they need, and funds the cloud infrastructure at our community relies on like ForgeBox for our Package Management with CommandBox.

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Modernize or Die® - CFML News for March 3rd, 2020

Modernize or Die® - CFML News for March 3rd, 2020

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