DiscoverThe IntelligenceModi’s operandi: India’s enormous election
Modi’s operandi: India’s enormous election

Modi’s operandi: India’s enormous election

Update: 2019-04-151


The world’s largest democratic exercise is under way. Prime Minister Narendra Modi looks likely to win on a divisive platform about Hindu nationalism and Pakistani aggression—even if those aren’t voters’ biggest concerns. Social-media companies are increasingly under the microscope of regulators; we take a look at the seemingly intractable problem of policing online content. And, pole-dancing is trying to shed its seedy image. But can it also develop into a global sport?

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on the comments made above - just because it's a different perspective than yours, doesn't mean it's incorrect, biased or influenced. I'm a Hindu Brahmin with RSS heritage and I think Modi has not delivered on the promises he made in 2014. His fear mongering election campaign is a typical text book political strategy. widen your horizon on Modi, he is concerned with power and control like any other politician.

May 1st

Rishabh Sharma

Totally biased report

Apr 19th

Sarthak .chand

This podcast is biased and pro Congress. I am suspicious about the fundings here. In many ways the presentor deliberately undermines the economic development India had in last 4 years. Job issue is a fake agenda created by Congress and propagates foolishly by this podcast. My suggestion to the presentor : 1. Get you facts correct. 2. Look for information from independent and reliable news sources rather than cramming Congress manifesto which is the most corrupt government after Venezuela and Uganda. 3. Reveal your funding sources All the best. Your act of spreading misinformation will have less or very less effect on all the intellectual mass here. But, you will loose your little left credibility. In the ocean of information [Internet] you are a bad fish.

Apr 18th

Karan Patel

problem with you guys are you see him as Hindutva person but he opens bank account of 90% indians, gave free gas connection to 8cr+ family, free medical treatment under AYUSH for 50cr people, giving benefits of 6000rs to 20cr+ kishans, subsidy of 2.5lacs for new home buyers. under his tenure home loan is just 8.5%, inflation is at 3.5%. all cast of people benefited by his policy. his schemes benefitted all hindus & Muslims. probably the first indian election where inflation is not a issues. still you foreign funded media term him as PM of Hindu.

Apr 15th
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Modi’s operandi: India’s enormous election

Modi’s operandi: India’s enormous election