DiscoverMom Treading Water (The Imperfect Mom)Mommy Shaming (Why the Mommy Shamers Don’t Matter)
Mommy Shaming (Why the Mommy Shamers Don’t Matter)

Mommy Shaming (Why the Mommy Shamers Don’t Matter)

Update: 2022-04-25


Our family had a much-needed vacation, and I am happy to say it was close to perfect.   Even the mommy shamer could not spoil our great time.   

If this were 2 years ago or even last year, the mommy shamer stating my child was having a “hissy fit” would have consumed my thoughts and overall experience.  

Although, I do regret trying to justify my child’s “hissy fit” to the mommy shamer.   No matter what, she was going to continue her ignorant judgment.   

All she witnessed was a child not acting “perfect” or “being seen and not heard.” 

Finally, I realized it is not my responsibility to take the time and energy to educate someone insignificant in our lives.  My responsibility lies with my family and those who are in our lives.  

As parents, we cannot control the mommy shamers, but we can control our response, or lack thereof, toward the mommy shammer.   

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Mommy Shaming (Why the Mommy Shamers Don’t Matter)

Mommy Shaming (Why the Mommy Shamers Don’t Matter)

Melissa Libby