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Mon 5 Jul 2021 (0411)

Mon 5 Jul 2021 (0411)

Update: 2021-07-04


On this new edition of Cory Talks…

#ScottyFromMarketing #ScottyTheAnnouncer whatever you wish to call Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, I’m dissecting his (yet another) announcement for a plan – I think it might be a plan for a plan, that he delivered last Friday in relation to the vaccine rollout and his #ScottFromMedicalSchool announcement that those under 40 in Australia could get the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine if they wanted to. This is despite the advice from his government’s own experts. Who needs experts when we have Scott Morrison! Yes… I’m not a happy chappy!

Also I’m not happy to hear that around half of those who have entered/returned to Australia since the beginning of the pandemic, have been in quarantine. It’s like Canberra isn’t taking the situation seriously.

New anti-wage theft laws introduced in Victoria.

COVID-19 info from right around Australia, well most of it.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has a very quick wit.

On IN FOCUS, it’s more than ten years since the news of the phone hacking scandal in the UK. I’m listening to the British Scandal podcast which is looking at that now. The incredible shrinking regional news operations in Australia.

The petition in Australia to halt the Federal Government’s Cashless Debit Card (Indue card) is waiting for signatures at but please note it is only available to Australian residents and the petition closes on 21 July 2021 at 11:59 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. There’s also this story to read on the cashless debit card,

Sky News Australia host Chris Kenny is a rude man. That is all. Okay, it’s not all. Hear the audio of why when he clashed with South Australia’s Chief Health Officer.

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News sources: ABC News Australia, BBC News, Independent Australia, Michael West, The Guardian.



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Mon 5 Jul 2021 (0411)

Mon 5 Jul 2021 (0411)

Cory O'Connor