DiscoverThe Art of LivingMoney, How to live an abundant life with Stacy Hartmann
Money, How to live an abundant life with Stacy Hartmann

Money, How to live an abundant life with Stacy Hartmann

Update: 2021-10-22


“Acknowledging and appreciating what your life has to offer at this moment in time is 100% free.” 

In this episode, Claudia and Kenda are joined by a Business Success Coach, internationally renowned speaker and the Founder & Creator of the Wealthy Minimalist, Stacy Hartmann. 

Stacy is currently preparing for the launch of her book, “Metaconscious Entrepreneur” and joined our discussion today to take us through how we can transform our own relationships with money, expand on the possibilities it can bring and create a new mindset experience what we truly want in life.

During their chat, Stacy gives some incredible insider insight into the fears, reservations and other blocks that prevent our ability to escape the “money tornado.” 

Having worked with impoverished and struggling families during her time as a juvenile probation officer, she has begun to realize that the things she valued as high priority were not truly what life was about! By acknowledging that she was truly missing out on a whole other side of life that money can’t buy, Stacy was able to begin her journey towards enlightenment and a shift in perspective that led her to where she is today. 

As you tune in, try reflecting on how you prioritize your own life. 

  • Is making money and climbing the corporate ladder what you spend all your thought energy on at the expense of other things? 
  • Do you find your stress continuing to grow from your thoughts or conversations about money? 

If your answer is yes, then make sure to stick around and hear some of Stacy’s best tips and strategies for moving past limiting mindsets and into a more fulfilled life.

 Spoiler: The answer isn’t just about having MORE money! It’s about opening our hearts to our true values and aligning our choices with that and, from there, allowing money to flow into our lives. 

Listening to this episode, you will learn how to create for yourself a more fulfilled life beyond the constraints of your finances and how to amplify life’s magic using your money in a way that is aligned and purposeful. 

By appreciating the abundance we have and choosing to amplify what already exists for us, we can all truly learn to appreciate what life has to offer. 

If you can’t get enough of Stacy’s money wisdom, make sure you keep an eye out for Stacy’s upcoming book release early next year. 

And if you’d like to learn more about her and the amazing financial wisdom she holds, visit   

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Money, How to live an abundant life with Stacy Hartmann

Money, How to live an abundant life with Stacy Hartmann

Claudia Velandia and Kenda Swanson