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Money Talks: Closed for business

Money Talks: Closed for business

Update: 2020-03-242


In a desperate attempt to slow the spread of covid-19, governments around the world are ordering residents to stay at home. As the number of fatalities increases, so do the corporate casualties. Which companies are worst-hit and how long will they be closed? And, as Americans stock up on goods in preparation for lockdown, a peek into the pantry shows the scale of the challenge facing one of the country's core industries–dairy. Plus, can global trade weather the economic havoc caused by the virus? Simon Long hosts. 


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Comments (2)

Donna Morris

best column at the end. I laughed til I cried. thank you for that

Apr 9th

Cs Krynya

Hi, just a thought regarding the milk farming industry. I think there is another significant reason why the demands for cow milk is decreasing is these videos what under covered reporters released to the world where it clearly seen how they cows are treated, so disgusting, inhuman, cruel!!! After seeing these videos people think about why the hell should I support this industry by buying there products??? The older generation like these senators stand next to this industry but this is not the future! Young generation prefers to drink alternative milks and even if the government saves this industry that is just temporary.

Apr 8th








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Money Talks: Closed for business

Money Talks: Closed for business