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Moonbeam City, Episode 01: Mall Hath No Fury

Moonbeam City, Episode 01: Mall Hath No Fury

Update: 2021-10-05


Sean has a noodle brain and it’s caused by a throbbing headache. Lee, however, suggests that it’s probably got something to do with that terrible brain-sucking alien from Starship Troopers. Either way, Sean’s More Movies Please! co-host, Steven, needs to come on the show and explain what the deal is with his name. For the sake of the world.

Lee is gobsmacked over the fact that Sean hasn’t seen Total Recall yet, and that’s fair. That’s more than fair. He calls himself some sort of movie lover and he hasn’t seen this seminal Schwarzenegger film? Oh, but he’s seen the Colin Farrell remake? Do you ever wonder if some people should have their movie-watching privileges taken away? Yeah…

What these two have seen is their fair share of your Jurassic movies, both Parks and Worlds. Did they see them at too young of an impressionable age? Maybe, but let’s just understand that those experiences are what’s made the pair into the weirdos they are today. Thanks, Lee and Sean’s parents!

What is a person to do during the zombie apocalypse? That’s the burning question on hand today. Do you strap up and become a badass in the after times, or do you get bitten and become a zombie like everyone else? Either way, we demand some more romantic zombie fare. Give us zombies in love!

Sean wants to win the lottery (real bad), but he’s unsure of the consequences. Lee wonders if their cons outweigh the pros. What would it be like to have everyone you’ve ever known come knocking at your door demanding you give them money? That’s a bad scene, man. Just leave us to our riches!

Lee loves chewy cookies and all is right with the world.

In what was streamed this week, welcome to Moonbeam City—one of the worst and most pastel-covered cities in the world. Old ladies get shot over nothing, drug dealers are weirdly industrious business people, and the police are a group of bumbling, incompetent fools. Dazzle Novak, the city’s #1 Cop (most of the time), is tasked with taking down El Diablo Malo and his sprawling drug business that’s sprung up literally overnight. Can this sexpot save the day, or will his wandering eyes and love for music production doom everyone in the city?

(Recorded on August 25, 2021)

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(Sean was off by a year on the release dates for Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List. Hey, what are you gonna do?)

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Moonbeam City, Episode 01: Mall Hath No Fury

Moonbeam City, Episode 01: Mall Hath No Fury

Sean and Lee