DiscoverStream Dream TeamMoonbeam City, Episode 04: Quest for Aquatica
Moonbeam City, Episode 04: Quest for Aquatica

Moonbeam City, Episode 04: Quest for Aquatica

Update: 2021-10-26


This time, we’re coming to you from the inside of a tunnel!

Sean’s working on cutting out refined sugar from his life and is having a hell of a time doing it. Luckily, Lee is here to come to the rescue! She suggested getting some vegan, sugar-free butterscotch hard candies. Within this episode is the only review of them you’ll ever need to hear.

Sean regales everyone with a lengthy tale of one of the more compassionate things he’s done. It also turns out to be one of the most potentially dangerous things he’s done. It’s quite the story of travel, mysterious strangers, and of course, Tenacious D.

In what was streamed this week, Dazzle has to take a CPR training course, but how can a person be forced to do such a thing when there’s a whole ocean world outside the window? Hot on the trail of an apparent suicide, our intrepid detective crafts an impressive robotic dolphin suit, takes to the sea, and falls head over heels for a charming dolphin named Splasha. Yes, you read that right. Dazzle wants to spend his life with Splasha. It’s the only thing he’s loved as much as himself.

(Recorded on September 15, 2021)

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(Sean got the name of this disorder wrong. It’s not “synesthesia,” as he guessed. That word refers to the phenomenon of seeing colors or shapes when you hear a sound of music. Misophonia is the hatred of certain sounds. In this case, mouth sounds.)

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Moonbeam City, Episode 04: Quest for Aquatica

Moonbeam City, Episode 04: Quest for Aquatica

Sean and Lee