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Moonbeam City, Episode 07: Cop Con

Moonbeam City, Episode 07: Cop Con

Update: 2021-11-16


Sean only just recently put on the pop filter, but Lee was born in the pop filter. She’s had no P’s popped in her entire life! We’re both Tom Hardy fans. We were born into the Tom Hardy fandom.

While on the topic of that glorious man, the pair discuss the intricate and important details about the two Spider-Man universe Symbiotes, Venom and Carnage. Lee didn’t know much about them, but Sean is more than happy to display his nerdy bona fides.

It must be Girl Scouts cookies time, because that’s on the brain. Sean wants all the delicious Thin Mint cookies he can get his hands on and Lee wants something with gross-to-Sean peanut butter. Yuck!

Lee tasks Sean with answering an impossible question. Not only is it the toughest thing he’s ever had to decide, but it’s also a sadistic experiment in streaming-related madness. Sean turns the tables on her, though. His impossible question is just as impossible!

In what was streamed this time, it’s the 32nd Annual Cop Con! The most wonderful time of the year, both for the police and for Moonbeam City. The cops get to spend a weekend looking at cool new gadgets, solving murders, and getting all naughty with each other. The city finally gets a chance to heal without all the cops around. If only it could be that way forever…

(Recorded on October 06, 2021)

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Moonbeam City, Episode 07: Cop Con

Moonbeam City, Episode 07: Cop Con

Sean and Lee