DiscoverStream Dream TeamMoonbeam City, Episode 08: Stuntstravaganza
Moonbeam City, Episode 08: Stuntstravaganza

Moonbeam City, Episode 08: Stuntstravaganza

Update: 2021-11-23


Sean is currently experiencing the driest, coldest Southern California weather he’s felt in a long time. His sinuses don’t know how to keep up. Lee gets a sensible head back on his shoulders by informing him that he’d better not move anywhere else. He wouldn’t be able to take the extreme weather.

Lee wants us all to have our cake and eat it, too. What else is cake good for anyway? What, if someone presents you with an entire cake, you’re just supposed to… not eat it? What kind of madness is that? What a dumb saying that one is. Sheesh!

Sean and Lee are finished with their cheese religion. Onward to the better religion. We are now followers of dog. Little, tiny, adorable dogs. Never fear, though! This does not mean that we’ll be passing up fondue. Indeed, Sean has been compelled to try some vegan fondue mixtures forthwith!

Sean wonders how well he’d do in the apocalypse. Again. Generating enough food and drinkable water is on his mind. Lee suggests that living in California may not be the best place to make it through a superfluous of Stephen King proportions. Will we ever know who is correct? Well, hopefully not. The implications here are not great.

In what was streamed this time, we get a further peek into the unpleasant and pitiable world that is Dazzle Novak’s past. Everything this man is becomes completely obvious once you meet dear old Razzle Novak, a legendary daredevil. This is a weird dive into a mess of daddy issues, folks. Luckily, we’ve got Rad’s epic battle with a parking garage ticket validation machine to wash the Dazzle out of our mouths.

(Recorded on October 13, 2021)

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Moonbeam City, Episode 08: Stuntstravaganza

Moonbeam City, Episode 08: Stuntstravaganza

Sean and Lee