DiscoverStream Dream TeamMoonbeam City, Episode 09: The Legend of Circuit Lake
Moonbeam City, Episode 09: The Legend of Circuit Lake

Moonbeam City, Episode 09: The Legend of Circuit Lake

Update: 2021-11-30


The cassette revolution died out, and Sean, for one, will not be pouring one out for that inferior technology. Bring on the compact disc! Better yet, let’s stick with streaming. For her part, Lee probably wouldn’t be upset if LaserDisc (or DiscoVision, as it was known) made a resurgence.

The pair share some thoughts on Stephen King’s novel, The Stand, which they have both now (finally) read. It’s a dense, exhilarating book, and talking about it could fill an entire episode.

What kind of material would Sean want his chaps to be made from? What would Lee like to have? Polyurethane? Pressed mushroom proteins? Surely, it wouldn’t be real leather. No, thank you! Regardless, if someone wants to send them some chaps, then get in touch!

Sean knows how he wants to go out, and it will be a spectacular, news-worthy event of a death! Lee suggests some alternatives involving beloved cartoon bears. She doesn’t want him to die, and during her suggestions, they come upon another brilliant idea: a super popular sandwich shop!

In what was streamed this time, Rad only wants to find love. Dazzle is accused of killing our poor, dear Rad. They both have some sexy, naughty times with some robotic lovers. Rad nearly dies while in virtual reality. Dazzle almost dies in a horrific burning prison catastrophe, but still gets it on with the prison’s A.I. system. It’s a whole lot of Rad, Dazzle, and questionable loving this time!

(Recorded on October 21, 2021)

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Moonbeam City, Episode 09: The Legend of Circuit Lake

Moonbeam City, Episode 09: The Legend of Circuit Lake

Sean and Lee