DiscoverWhite Coat Investor PodcastMtoM #42 - Back to Broke as a Resident
MtoM #42 - Back to Broke as a Resident

MtoM #42 - Back to Broke as a Resident

Update: 2021-11-29


This second year anesthesiologist resident and nurse partner are already back to broke. With a salary of $90K they have been investing and paying off debt. What are their secrets to success? Being born into geographic arbitrage has definitely helped. Continuing to take advantage of that by doing med school and residency in a low cost of living area and keeping the loans down to $125K helps also. As well as making sure they are spending money in alignment with their goals. Live like a resident and you can get back to broke and soon be debt free and on your way to millionaire status too.

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MtoM #42 - Back to Broke as a Resident

MtoM #42 - Back to Broke as a Resident

Dr. Jim Dahle of the White Coat Investor