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Municipal Voice on Seated2Serve

Municipal Voice on Seated2Serve

Update: 2019-10-14


Meet Celso Martinez, President of Municipal Voice, working with communities to present the best of their messages to enhance their reputation in the public eye. Public relations is an important field, but Celso says it's no secret - getting the word out about your business is as easy as taking the time to get to know a reporter interested in your topic. Look for the larger purpose when pitching your ideas, take a great story and give it context.

Celso talks about Jeff Crilley's book, Real News PR, and offers advice that has helped him get the word out for his clients.  

To work with Celso, contact him at, find him on at  Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin

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Jeff Bickerstaff has worked with the city councils of Richardson, Murphy, Forney, and Garland, and currently holds place 6 in Sachse, Texas. Jeff knows firsthand the importance of small family business relationships and how communities work. To be a guest or advertise on Seated2Serve, call 972-771-4992.

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Municipal Voice on Seated2Serve

Municipal Voice on Seated2Serve

Jeff Bickerstaff / Celso Martinez, Municipal Voice