DiscoverThe Generation Why PodcastMurder of Bob Chappell - 426
Murder of Bob Chappell - 426

Murder of Bob Chappell - 426

Update: 2021-06-219


January 26, 2009. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. When Bob Chappell, a radiation specialist goes missing, police try to piece together what went wrong. Was it an accident aboard his yacht? Did someone find Bob on his yacht and attack him? Or was it his partner of 18 years, Susan Neill-Fraser?

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Comments (2)


Heard it......But I have a few questions.....Can either of you 2 men tell me 1) how did megan know where that boat would be? 2) how did megan know what time the boat would be there? 3) how did megan know which boat that that couple would be on?

Jul 7th


41:20......I am done. I am so sick and tired of"oh I have/ had such a hard life" "I'm scared" " They will kill me" "My mama did this to me" "My daddy did that to me" . How about" I am selfish and I know how to lie". I'm sure those 2 "girls" had a hand in this. But no need for them to both go down. Just one at a time. "Fresh" evidence?..... How is that "fresh"?....They all knew about the DNA. ALL anyone cares about is the "story" "money" and " lies". Both of them and whomever else was there, if mentioned, should have been put in prison for life, without parole. We as humans lie, cheat, steal and are incredibly selfish. But where in the F@$! has our common sense as humans went ?

Jul 7th
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Murder of Bob Chappell - 426

Murder of Bob Chappell - 426