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Musical Evolution With DEVIL ELECTRIC

Musical Evolution With DEVIL ELECTRIC

Update: 2021-11-11


Not content to rest on their laurels, Melbourne rock outfit Devil Electric have explored deeper into their musical psyche with their new album Godless which is out now.
Evolution is a term that is bandied about with almost too much reckless abandon in the modern age, but it is the only fitting word used to describe the culmination of the bands personal journey poured into Godless.
While still remaining firmly grounded in 70s inspired hard rock, Devil Electric have further added their own touch to this collection of new music, transcending it beyond formulaic and into a higher plane that can only exist when that elusive magical spark waves its wand over a body of work.
Front woman Pierina O’Brien sat down with HEAVY to discuss the latest incarnation of Devil Electric.
"It's been a bit of a journey this album,” she said. “We've been writing it for a very long time, and we were fortunate enough to record it before we went into lockdown which was good. I would describe it as some similar things to what you heard on the first album in terms of the sounds we came out with, but it's kind of the next evolution of that if I could describe it in a nutshell. We've been a bit more experimental with some of the stuff that we've done. We tried to write some more stuff in the studio and that was a big part of capturing the sound. That's the best way to describe it I think, as the next evolution of Devil Electric."
In the full interview, Pierina discusses Godless in greater detail, the nature of the bands evolution, the album cover and what it means, future plans and more.








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Musical Evolution With DEVIL ELECTRIC

Musical Evolution With DEVIL ELECTRIC

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