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My Biggest Wins and Losses of the Year

My Biggest Wins and Losses of the Year

Update: 2018-12-314


It’s the end of another year.

You have to take time to reflect.

Celebrate your wins. Embrace your losses.

If you don’t, you’ll miss out on an amazing opportunity. You have the power to mold your ideas into reality every single moment of your life.

Growing up, I never wanted to lose. But it wasn’t until I learned to reframe the loss as a lesson that I was able to really get to the next level.

You alone are responsible for your life.

On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk with you about my wins and losses from the last year.

I share how, this year, I chose to invest in myself. I partnered with people of the highest level to help my social media, my voice, my nutrition and more. The results were incredible.

I also talk about struggling with saying “no” in the past year and how I failed to be upfront in my partnerships and relationships.

Everything I’ve done has lead me here. And I couldn’t have done it without you.

So learn how to celebrate your wins and reframe your losses on Episode 739.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

The healthiest way to look at your mistakes (2:00)

My wins from 2018 (7:00)

The things I’ve had to say “no” to in 2018 (21:00)

Why it’s important to partner with people at the highest level (23:00)

The proudest moment of my life (30:00)

The lessons I learned this year (34:00)

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Carol Daniels

Good convo. The real thing is the hurt inflicted. how about we take the path to NOT hurt an innocent (can take a lot of years to recover) and when someone more "whatever" comes along, run away right then and go have a deep convo with the innocent. A breakup may take place, sure, but the innocent probably will say, "I respect the fact that i got a conversation first, rather than a hurt later". Theres so much chat, so much so that it astounded me the path that was taken.

Jan 21st

anyango oloo

I am very inspired listening to this episode. you're always a blessing

Jan 15th








My Biggest Wins and Losses of the Year

My Biggest Wins and Losses of the Year

Lewis Howes