DiscoverMy Evolved Life w/ Vu NguyenMy Evolved Life | Episode #10 - Cinder Smith | Don't Fear Your Emotions
My Evolved Life | Episode #10 - Cinder Smith | Don't Fear Your Emotions

My Evolved Life | Episode #10 - Cinder Smith | Don't Fear Your Emotions

Update: 2020-01-29


On today's episode, I have an eye-opening conversation with Cinder Smith, a registered psychologist, about mental health. We got into fascinating topics like the difference between mood and emotion, how to use your emotions as data, and why we shouldn't avoid our emotions.

5:41 - What is mental health?
8:04 - The impact of social media on mental health
11:40 - Comfortable vs. uncomfortable emotions
15:31 - How do you start to better understand your emotions?
18:55 - The difference between mood and emotion
21:41 - What is psychology really like?
23:36 - What are the tell tale signs that someone needs help?
26:07 - How to communicate with children about mental health
29:40 - Where does the stigma around emotions come from?
34:39 - Who are the first people to talk to when you feel like you need help?
36:41 - How do we get ahead of mental health and when is the right time to seek help?
39:17 - How do you regulate your emotions?
42:38 - Can we stop characterizing emotions as "male" or "female"?
45:19 - What are the things you can do to positively influence your mental health?
51:54 - How do we stop caring what other people do and achieve?
55:23 - Does perspective influence mental health?


Cinder Smith is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. She graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, and then moved back to her home town, Calgary, where she completed her Master in Counseling Psychology Degree.

Cinder’s internship and residency was completed at Calgary Counseling Centre, as well as in a private practice setting. She is also a member of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, and offers a lot of her time volunteering for various events for the Association.

Cinder has been working in the areas of assessment, consultation, and therapy with individuals for over 12 years in various roles and environments including non-profit and private practice settings, family medicine clinics, hospitals, forensic, employee assistance programs, and university institutions. Cinder believes taking care of one’s mental health is as important as taking care of ones physical health! When she isn’t working, Cinder enjoys spending her time with her family, kids, and friends. She is a former ballet trained dancer for over 15 years and currently stays active running, lifting weights and is also a fitness instructor.

Cinder is also a major sports fanatic, she loves to cook, and is known to have a spunky sense of humour!

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My Evolved Life | Episode #10 - Cinder Smith | Don't Fear Your Emotions

My Evolved Life | Episode #10 - Cinder Smith | Don't Fear Your Emotions

Vu Nguyen / Cinder Smith