DiscoverWake Up With WeslieMy Faith Expansion Story *Trigger Warning*
My Faith Expansion Story *Trigger Warning*

My Faith Expansion Story *Trigger Warning*

Update: 2020-10-143


*TRIGGER WARNING: This episode is outlining specific teachings, rules, happenings, and ideologies of the Mormon Faith that may be very uncomfortable for current LDS members to listen to because it is not promoting the LDS faith.
 As a past member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for 26 years, I know I would NOT enjoy listening to this story if I was a happy and content member, and it could have potentially shaken my faith if I didn't already know certain facts about the founder's history that aren't as openly discussed in Sunday School. 
While none of the contents of this episode are pulled from anywhere but Church Approved websites stating historical facts, I recognize that not all members know the depths of certain happenings, so, I feel the need to warn all active members before they choose to listen to this that I talk about my opinions regarding specifics on the churches history with polygamy/polyandry, race, and bishop's interviews discussing sex/masturbation with unaccompanied minors and adults alike. *

Well, here is the episode I said I would never do. I guess never say never? Anyway, I feel called to tell this one big missing puzzle piece of my story here on the podcast for a few reasons. One is that I hope by finally doing this, this subject matter will kind of be put to rest.
And two, I know more people are leaving this faith than ever before. It is a painful transition out with so many stigmas and hurt feelings. I know that while I don't really want to do this, I am meant to do this. I think my story and where my family and I have landed after expanding outside of Mormonism over the last 6+ years may help others who are deeply hurting while transitioning out now.

My other hope lays at the very end of the episode, and I won't spill all the beans here in the description, but I hope that my Mormon friends/family will start sharing their spiritual experiences with me again as they used to when I was a member. I love hearing about them, and that didn't change about me when I left. My wish is that you believe and honor that I am happy, thriving, and spiritually connected although I am outside of the faith now,  just as I honor and believe that you are happy, thriving, and spiritually connected while remaining inside the faith.

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Kim Anderson

Would you mind sharing which specific conference talk included the story about the mother with 10 kids who drank coffee?

Oct 22nd
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My Faith Expansion Story *Trigger Warning*

My Faith Expansion Story *Trigger Warning*

Weslie Christensen