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My Honest Thoughts on Alex Jones

My Honest Thoughts on Alex Jones

Update: 2022-08-09


Charlie dives headlong into a controversial topic that you're not supposed to discuss in polite society, the tragic saga of Alex Jones. Charlie explains his (limited) history with Alex Jones, his experience with his commentary and "entertainment" that has so often turned out to be prescient and even prophetic, though often wrong and over the top. What is the truth about Alex Jones? And regardless of what the media and the courtroom are saying about him, does it make the verdict of a nearly $50 million judgement right and just? Charlie breaks it all down and defends what he believes, is a uniquely American figure in Alex Jones, and explains his rationale for why he's grown sympathetic to the most cancelled man in America. Next up, Charlie welcomes Steven Moore, senior economic contributor of Freedom Works, to discuss the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act" that does anything but decrease inflation. What is the truth about this act that doesn't reduce inflation, but actually might increase it. Steve Moore, friend of the show, drops the truth on what is actually going on here behind the latest tax and spend Democrat boondoggle. Finally, Charlie tells the cautionary tail of an Oklahoma Sooner football coach who caved in cowardice for reading word off of a player's iPad...prepare to be incensed. 

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Kelly Petruzzi-Hiller

I know very few people comment on here and or read the Charlie Alex Jones is a professing Christian and for you to say big deal so what that he is distasteful at times is not a good thing. we are not compromise we are to walk in Holiness and Truth.

Aug 9th
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My Honest Thoughts on Alex Jones

My Honest Thoughts on Alex Jones

Charlie Kirk