DiscoverA Taylored Adventure To HappinessMy Night of Darkness With Ayahuasca : Episode 293
My Night of Darkness With Ayahuasca : Episode 293

My Night of Darkness With Ayahuasca : Episode 293

Update: 2021-10-08


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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • How to know when you’re ready to sit with Ayahuasca 
  • The journey that led me to work with Arkana healing center
  • Why you should always have an intention when sitting with plant medicine
  • How I set my intention as I prepped for this ceremony
  • What happened during ceremony that broke my safety container 
  • How I navigated feeling anger, unsafe and not being able to drop into the plant medicine
  • How my body released the traumatic event that had just occurred and how the medicine guided this release
  • The process and events that happened when the medicine kicked in hours after ceremony
  • How I navigated through letting the fear take over and stopped resisting the medicine from taking me into the darkness 
  • What happened when I surrendered to the medicine and allowed myself to go through it and become the student
  • Who I found when the pandora box inside the pandora box unlocked 
  • How the medicine delivered my intention and how different people played a crucial part in this healing 
  • What I healed after 10 years of repressed emotions



Today, I am going to share a part of my journey sitting with grandmother Ayahuasca at the Arkana healing center in the sacred valley of Peru. In this episode I take you back into the darkest night I’ve had with Ayahuasca and how I had to surrender and allow its intelligence to fully consume me. I dive deep into the events that happened, how traumatic it was for me, how the medicine kicked in hours after the ceremony, the healing that happened and so much more. I encourage you to listen to this episode with an open mind and respect towards plant medicine as it’s been a crucial part of my healing journey.

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My Night of Darkness With Ayahuasca : Episode 293

My Night of Darkness With Ayahuasca : Episode 293