DiscoverMultifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome MyersMy Occupancy Dropped After Closing - Darin Batchelder
My Occupancy Dropped After Closing - Darin Batchelder

My Occupancy Dropped After Closing - Darin Batchelder

Update: 2021-11-30


Occupancy drops, economic downfall, and debt policies are the uncontrollable aspects of real estate investing yet one thing’s for certain: People will do what it takes to maintain a roof over their head. In today’s episode, Darin Batchelder talks about taking advantage of loan origination processes through trading, building more wealth in real estate as compared to the stock market, and dealing with the down economy while facing low occupancy.

[00:01 - 04:53 ] Opening Segment 

  • Get to know Darin Batchelder and how he got into real estate
  • How loan trading works and methods of origination

[04:54 - 11:19 ] Watch Out for Turnovers: Factor in the Occupancy Drop

  • Factors contributing to solid multifamily loans despite down economy
  • Getting out of the trap of the corporate ladder
  • Darin shares his duplex story on having 50% of income gone

[11:20 - 22:32 ] Everything Doesn't Always Go in a Straight Line

  • Finding more wealth-building opportunities through real estate investing
  • Shifting to a better approach of establishing relationship with brokers
  • Occupancies in the lens of the buyers and sellers

[22:33 - 26:38 ] Closing Segment

  • Joining a mentorship group builds your confidence and credibility
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Even in a down economy, people are paying their rent, because you know, if they're going to cut anything out, they're going to cut out entertainment, they're going to cut out, but they need a roof over their head. So multifamily loans have performed very well in both good economies, and also, you know, in downturns.” - Darin Batchelder

“Everybody looks at single family and duplexes through a lens of perfection…. If I had the single family or I have this duplex, or both units are rented all year long, here's my total income here, all my expenses, here's my positive cash flow. But most people don't factor in occupancy. And then, you know, other expenses related to that.” - Darin Batchelder

“Compared to, you know, investing in the stock market, my experience is that there's so much more wealth building opportunity in real estate, because of leverage, because of the tax efficiency.” - Darin Batchelder

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My Occupancy Dropped After Closing - Darin Batchelder

My Occupancy Dropped After Closing - Darin Batchelder

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