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My Why: Accepting a life I don't want

My Why: Accepting a life I don't want

Update: 2023-04-18


How do we accept, and live with, a life we didn't really want in the first place?

Welcome to another My Why blog from me, Claire Sandys, co-host of The Silent Why podcast.

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The way I see it, we can end up on two different highways when we get handed a life we didn't want or plan for:
Highway One - The Acceptance Accepted Highway.
Highway Two - The Acceptance Not Accepted Highway.

As far as I can tell, you don't really choose which, it just happens, and lately I've had a few moments of wrestling with the fact I'm clearly on Highway Two - and that was not how things were supposed to go. I wasn't supposed to be childless, in an unpaid job with health issues. So how do I go about accepting that?!

This episode shares more about my slump of an Easter weekend, how this blog came out of it, and why it's sort of a sequel to the last My Why blog/episode - What happens if I let go? [].

Turns out there's more work to be done after the letting go, there's actually coming to a point of full acceptance. Sigh.

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My Why: Accepting a life I don't want

My Why: Accepting a life I don't want

Claire Sandys