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My Why: The art of making everyone welcome

My Why: The art of making everyone welcome

Update: 2022-12-16


Because it is an art, not a science. Have you got someone coming to your family or group gathering and you're not sure how to include them and make them feel welcome?

Maybe they're single, childless, divorced, grieving, unemployed, or just having a really tough time and you're keen for them to fit in.

I'm here to help.

Welcome to another My Why from me, Claire Sandys, co-host of The Silent Why podcast.

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As a childless woman I know it's hard in gatherings, especially with families. And not only for those of us that don't feel like we fit in, but also for those that are trying to help us fit in. So I thought I'd offer some tips on how to include someone in your gathering and make them feel truly at home.

Now, bear in mind this is only for those that want to expend time and energy on helping someone that might find fitting in a bit difficult at the moment. It's not really for people who don't have trouble socialising or feeling like they belong, or for those that don't want to invite people round and try to go the extra mile to make sure they enjoy themselves.

I'd also say that this isn't meant as a way of encouraging you to invite others round just for the sake of it either, that can do more harm than good.

But if you really want to help a friend or family member feel like they fit in this Christmas, or at a gathering another time, and you know they find it difficult because they're the only single person, or the only childless couple etc, then these tips will help you do that.

You can find the other blog I mention here - 'How to talk to the grieving':


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My Why: The art of making everyone welcome

My Why: The art of making everyone welcome

Claire Sandys