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My Why: The season of February

My Why: The season of February

Update: 2023-02-07


February is here, the last month in my year-long series ('To every thing there is a season...'), so what can this short, love- and pancake-filled leap year month teach us about life?

Welcome to another My Why from me, Claire Sandys, co-host of The Silent Why podcast.

My Why episodes are weekly audio shorts of my latest blog post. If you'd prefer to read it, you can find it here:

This My Why is the final month in my series looking at all the months of the year and what each one is teaching me about life, loss, love, hope or hedgehogs. Since March 2022 I've been using the first blog of the month to assess what I can learn or love about the month ahead, and I have to say - I'm going to miss it.

It seems fitting to end on February because it was also the last month to be added to our calendar year, so it's been patiently waiting, once again, for me to get to the end of my series and take a look at what it has to teach us. And did you know it was once called Mud Month?

So if you want to know why we sometimes skip leap years, why February's so short, why we make pancakes, why we celebrate love, why I mention purple, or why you should like this month at all? This one's for you.

And if you want to continue with the series or start again, you can read/listen to 'The season of March' here:


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My Why: The season of February

My Why: The season of February

Claire Sandys