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My Why: The season of January

My Why: The season of January

Update: 2023-01-06


Well, January is here, another marmite-month for many (in England that means you either love it or hate it), so what can we learn from the first month of the year?

Welcome to another My Why from me, Claire Sandys, co-host of The Silent Why podcast.

My Why episodes are weekly audio shorts of my latest blog post. If you'd prefer to read it, you can find it here:

This My Why is number 11 of 12 blogs in the series ‘To every thing there is a season’, where on the first Friday of the month for a whole year (which I started in March for some reason) I'm sharing lessons I’m learning from each month, and I've reached January.

January gets a lot of bad press and I can see why, but I'm finding it has a lot to teach me about choice, beginnings, endings, contradictions, extremes and getting safely through doorways. 

So if you're keen to see what you can learn from January - this blog's for you. 
If you've got the January blues - this blog's for you. 
If you're just a nosey creature that wants to know how on earth you can find anything good in January - it's also for you.


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My Why: The season of January

My Why: The season of January

Claire Sandys