DiscoverThe Silent WhyMy Why: What happens if I let go?
My Why: What happens if I let go?

My Why: What happens if I let go?

Update: 2023-04-04


It can be tense living with hopeful expectations for the future but also unfulfilled expectations in your past. Do you ever feel the strain of holding those in tension and wonder - what if I just let go?

This is a subject I'm blogging about because of the lovely Peter Ellis.

One of the 'rewards' for supporting me monthly through is to choose a blog topic for me to mull over and write about, and this one was inspired by Peter.

(Thank you, Peter, for your support - it means a lot to me.)

So, welcome to another My Why from me, Claire Sandys, co-host of The Silent Why podcast.

My Why episodes are audio shorts of my latest blog post. If you'd prefer to read it, you can find it here:

Peter was a guest on Episode 47 talking about loss of physical abilities after a stroke, but he also struggles with being childless and the loss of expectations he had about having a 'proper family' one day, as well as the loss of children behind him to leave a legacy to.

Although our paths are very different, a lot of what Peter feels I can identify with. So I decided to delve into why we have expectations for the future and the past, how short-term and long-term thinking can help or hinder us, and what happens if we try to endlessly wrestle with these pains. Is there a right time to just let go of what we hoped for? And if we do, what happens exactly?

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Episode 66 - Let's Chat... Living with loss (Peter is one of two guests):

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My Why: What happens if I let go?

My Why: What happens if I let go?

Claire Sandys