Mystery Drawer (Rebroadcast) - 15 November 2021

Mystery Drawer (Rebroadcast) - 15 November 2021

Update: 2021-11-151


Amid court-ordered busing in the 1970s, a middle-school teacher tried to distract her nervous students on the first day of class with this strange assignment: find a monarch caterpillar. The result? A memorable lesson in the miracle of metamorphosis. Plus, the story behind the slang interjection word!, meaning “believe me!” The original version involved the idea that a person’s word was their bond. And the expression empty wagons make the most noise suggests that the person who boasts the loudest may actually be the least knowledgeable. It’s a phrase that’s had many versions over the centuries — including one that goes all the way back to ancient Rome! All that, and nebbybeat-feetingred-headed stepchildcorotoleunderminefankle, a wacky puzzle about Greek names, and more.

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My son says “crowns” for wax coloring devices even now, at 35YO. I think he just couldn’t pronounce cray-ons (the way I always said it) when he was little but it stuck, and I am tickled to hear saying “crowns” is a thing. I never knew any of the other versions y’all mentioned in the episode. I am from TX, OK, CA and CO. I will go tell my son he has a tribe. LOL

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Mystery Drawer (Rebroadcast) - 15 November 2021

Mystery Drawer (Rebroadcast) - 15 November 2021

Hosted by Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett. Produced by Stefanie Levine.