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Mystery in South Beach

Mystery in South Beach

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In this Dateline classic, a young bride is found beaten to death just days after the wedding. As detectives begin their investigation, suspicious details are uncovered. Dennis Murphy reports. Originally aired on NBC on May 11, 2014.

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The defense argument that the victim was hit on the right side so it couldn't have been Escoto doesn't take into account the fact that if she's sitting on the passenger side of the car and he opens the door to beat her the only place he can hit her is the right side of her face and body. whether the killer is left-handed or right-handed, if the victim is stuck in the vehicle she's going to turn away from the person beating her which would leave her right side exposed. Do defense attorneys and defense witnesses think jury movers are that dumb? This was their best argument, and it was a clear failure. They also claimed she didn't have enough in her system to drug her. Sorry, but that all depends on the person. I can take half a percocet and be out, where my mother needs two. Also please remember they had to bring the dosage down because she tasted it in the first cocktail. Remember these aren't the brightest two co-conspirators. I also giggled about the claim there was no evidence. How about an eyewitness to the entire crime? I think that the best evidence pointing to his guilt was that Escoto was arrogant and narcissistic enough to believe that he could defend himself. I believe myself to be a reasonable intelligence... maybe even above-average (my mom had me tested🤣) and I would never take on the role as my own lawyer in a criminal trial. I hope he enjoys prison. He can braid hair there, those dudes would love that.

Aug 12th
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Mystery in South Beach

Mystery in South Beach