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Mystic Journey with Jeffrey Segal & Ben Decker

Mystic Journey with Jeffrey Segal & Ben Decker

Update: 2023-01-26


This week your host Ben Decker welcomes Jeffrey Segal onto the show. Jeffrey is the author of The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting. He's the founder of the Mystic Journey metaphysical bookstore and the Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery, which sells some of the greatest, most beautiful crystal specimens we've ever seen. Learn more about Jeffrey's own personal journey as he recounts his manifestation experiences going from a lawyer to bookstore owner, to crystal gallery owner, to life coach and most recently, a newly published author.  He also shares how he actually experienced what turned out to be a needed encounter with cancer, that was resolved through natural healing.

"One of the things that I work with people on in my life coaching sessions is scarcity mentality, and transforming that into a mentality that the universe will provide. To really create what one wants in their life, it's super important to not be moving forward in fear of scarcity, whether it's monetary, or love, or whatever it may be, and begin to develop, and then nurture and blossom, this feeling that the universe is there is there to provide."

- Jeffrey Segal on The Modern Spirituality Show

“When it comes to modern spirituality, the exploration of natural healing modalities, a new way of looking at religion and religious practices, spiritual and religious study,  community or exploration of the intuition, it's about a return to our nature. It's a return to the natural way of engaging with ourselves and each other. So it's really cool to see that you are facilitating that and holding so much space and such a valuable platform for so many other teachers and that you're actually coaching them."

- Ben Decker to Jeffrey Segal on The Modern Spirituality Show

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Mystic Journey with Jeffrey Segal & Ben Decker

Mystic Journey with Jeffrey Segal & Ben Decker

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