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Myths & Truths About EMF's With The Man Who Detects Them

Myths & Truths About EMF's With The Man Who Detects Them

Update: 2021-01-29


On this episode of Thriving With Technology, I talk with Rob Metzinger, engineer and building biologist, about EMF’s or Electro Magnetic Fields.  EMF’s carry the information that we send and receive on all our digital devices.  Multiple studies over three decades point to biological damage from EMF’s, so we should all do what we can to reduce our exposure to them.  Rob’s company designs and builds a great line of EMF meters that I love and they're one of the companies I feature on Tech Wellness. 

Rob also consults with people and helps them reduce their exposure in their homes.  He also teaches classes at the Building Biology Institute. Over the years, I've talked to researchers, scientists, to public policy people, to people who suffer from EHS. But it’s great to talk to someone who truly understands the properties of the waves and can help us shield and stop them effectively.  

I also love the fact that Rob helps us separate what’s true from so much of the other stuff on the internet, that may not be completely true.  People have really latched on to things like Shungite, a black mineral that is 98% carbon that somehow has been turned into the miracle cure for radiation (spoiler alert—It’s not), EMF protective clothing, EMF blocking device cases—you can even find videos online with tens of thousands of views that say all you need to do is put a house plant in the room and it will suck out the EMF (again—not).

You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t work and how to best protect you and your family.  A lot of this I’ve known intuitively for years, but it’s so nice to talk

the about why there's issues with EMF protective clothing, talks about plants.  these are things I've known intuitively for a long time, but it's so nice to hear an engineer’s perspective. 

Hope you enjoy the episode.  If you aren’t sensitive to EMF’s and have no idea what the fuss is all about, I’m including a link to an earlier episode where we journeyed to England and talked to people who suffer from Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity or EHS and you’ll understand the profound impact that EMF can have.

No matter if you're sensitive to EMF's or not, I urge people who are worried about the proven health effects of these information carrying radio ways to get their own meter.  It really makes those invisible waves visible, so you and your family can maintain a safe distance from the source of the radiation.

Here's a special incentive for listeners of Thriving With Technology to "meter up" through February, 2021:

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Myths & Truths About EMF's With The Man Who Detects Them

Myths & Truths About EMF's With The Man Who Detects Them

August Brice