NASA’s Dragonfly Drone Mission to Titan

NASA’s Dragonfly Drone Mission to Titan

Update: 2020-10-14


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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 108

*NASA’s Dragonfly drone mission to Titan

A new study has found relatively fresh exposed water ice in impact craters on the surface of the Saturnian moon Titan. The findings could prove beneficial in plans for the proposed Dragon fly mission to send a drone aircraft to Titan.

*Mars Close Approach

The red planet Mars is putting on its best show in years right now.

*New comic commode rockets into orbit – the dynamic space dunny 

To go where no man has ever gone before might no longer be accurate – but a new space toilet has been delivered to the international space station.

*The Science Report

One of the world’s most important food crops the sweet potato another victim of global warming.

The CSIRO says some 14 million tonnes of microplastics now polluting the ocean floor.

Paleontologists have described a new species of Mosasaur.

New study claims dogs don’t look at faces the same way humans do.

Alex on Tech checks out Apple Watch Series 6

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NASA’s Dragonfly Drone Mission to Titan

NASA’s Dragonfly Drone Mission to Titan