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NDEs and THE AFTERLIFE - Mysteries with a History

NDEs and THE AFTERLIFE - Mysteries with a History

Update: 2022-04-21


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Cristina Gomez and Jimmy Church look into the timeless mystery of life beyond death as well as near death experiences that offer tantalizing glimpses of the continuation of consciousness beyond death.

NDEs The Afterlife - Mysteries with a History - Is there Life after Death..?
Some call it the soul and others the spirit but in essence it is the consciousness of a person who has died. Stories and accounts of ghosts and mist-like figures have always been seen as creepy or even terrifying tales and yet those stories all point to the existence of an afterlife.

The question of whether or not we continue to exist once the body has died has been at the core of many civilizations going far back into pre-history, even to the extent of being the subject of cave paintings in the upper paleolithic time period at the dawn of man.

The belief in life after death repeatedly became incorporated into ancient religions, one of the most well known being the belief system of the ancient Egyptians where death was treated as something more important than life, as eternity beyond this world needed so much preparation.

In modern times, fascination with the concept of communicating with the departed took on an unprecedented interest during the 1800s to 1900s in a period where photography was a new science and many dubious photos emerged of phantoms, ectoplasm, and spirits during séances emerged.

In more recent times, numerous studies and academic research projects have been carried out such as the Scole Experiments, and recently even the prestigious New York Academy of Sciences conducted serious scientific research into near death experiences commonly abbreviated to NDEs and beyond the academic studies you have countless groups of paranormal researchers out in the field attempting to capture evidence of entities and ghosts that persist to demonstrate their presence in buildings and homes around the world.

In this episode we will look at the evidence from many different disciplines to see how likely the truth is that we continue on once the physical body expires.

Join us as we try to make sense of it all on Mysteries with a History.








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NDEs and THE AFTERLIFE - Mysteries with a History

NDEs and THE AFTERLIFE - Mysteries with a History

Cristina Gomez