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NEW SHOW: Dark Arenas

NEW SHOW: Dark Arenas

Update: 2021-01-2738


Have you ever thought about whose job it is to track international fugitives, hunt child abductors, conduct espionage, or pull human remains from concealed mass graves? Every day thousands of good and decent people work in these Dark Arenas. They’ve chosen professions that grapple with the grotesque, deal with the deviant, and dodge the dangerous. 

In audiochuck’s newest original series, Dark Arenas, you will hear first-hand accounts of what it's like to investigate the darkest crimes and most violent criminals in society. 

This Episode: Devil in the Details

Some federal agents' nine-to-five job is reviewing thousands of images and videos of child sex abuse material. Their meticulous work in this dark arena exposes details hidden within the images that help track and catch predators. In today's episode, we talk one-on-one with the FBI agent whose best tool against child sex predators is the predator.

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Comments (10)

Leslie Alexx

I love this podcast but am I the only one who can't stand how its sped up like fuck it gives me a headache I dont care how slow you talk leave alone pleaseeeeeee please stop speeding up the podcast I cant stand it. Its SO HARD to listen to and enjoy please and thank you

Feb 16th

Jessica Schaefer

Is this new show only available on Premium?

Feb 5th


I had a friend said once "I don't think it happens as much as you think" and my response was "no, it's more". I think this podcast will be a wake up call for people in denial that sexual abuse had become rampant but as a mother I don't be able to listen to this. I am well aware these things are happening but if I deep dive it will make me more of a mess than I already am. 😔

Feb 4th
Reply (2)

Elaine Rue

If I were a criminal, these are good things to know to avoid the law

Feb 2nd


An interesting interview, not helped by a poor interviewer, destroyed by a cloying set of bookends not fit for a second draft of a first-year paper and just insulting in contrast to the subject matter at hand. While I struggle with the ethics of the sheer crime-as-entertainment of Crime Junkies, at least when I listen to that just to laugh at the predictability of Ashley's tone and cadence, I can semi-justify it as knowing it's just a book report: even if they're not directly plagiarizing anymore, there's no journalism, interviews, or new information of any sort being presented. Here is actually an interesting concept with terrible presentation, and I'd have to pay (and switch apps?) to hear it? Enjoy, all you fools who complain about ads. I'll keep appreciating them for making most content accessible.

Feb 1st

Taylor M

kind of inappropriate how theatrical this is

Jan 30th

Jamie Longo

I'm not listening to this stuff.

Jan 28th

Mike H

Usually love their podcasts but I'm personally not interested in paying for premium. There's too many good free true crime podcasts with ads--and ads do not bother me.

Jan 27th








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NEW SHOW: Dark Arenas

NEW SHOW: Dark Arenas