DiscoverNerd Noise Radio - RERUNS!NNR Reruns: C1E22: Mishmash Monday - vol 3 (orig rel 01/22/2018)
NNR Reruns: C1E22: Mishmash Monday - vol 3 (orig rel 01/22/2018)

NNR Reruns: C1E22: Mishmash Monday - vol 3 (orig rel 01/22/2018)

Update: 2021-09-07


Oops, I did it again! I missed my window to upload a rerun for last month. So, what I'm going to do this month is share two reruns instead. And not only that, but I will do the same in October as well. So you come out, net, one episode ahead!

Since we're coming up fast on the end of the dedicated reruns feed on Buzzsprout, October and November will be "beginnings": Episodes 1 and 2 of Channel 1 in October, and Episode 1 of Channel 2 in November. And our final send off to close out this dedicated reruns feed and send it off with a bang? Not only will it NOT be a rerun, but it'll be a farewell episode that shall be EXCLUSIVE to listeners on the reruns feed! 

Sure, it'll eventually make it to the main feed too, of course - ironically (or perhaps "poetically" is the better word), through the mechanism of, of all things, a rerun. But not for months, or even years. And until then, it will not be heard by a soul not subscribed to this feed! It will be all yours, as my gift to you, my token of appreciation, my way of THANKING YOU for having stuck around this whole time, even when you've known it was winding down, and even when I've missed episodes a handful of times. :-)

In any case, my apologies once again for missing last month's rerun, and may I present to you our first of two reruns this month: C1E22 - Mishmash Monday - vol 3 from January 22nd, 2018: early in Season 2. Not a particularly "standout" episode in the grand scheme of the show, but one that I'm still personally extra fond of, and even more importantly, one that's short enough that I'll still have room under the 2hr max monthly upload constraint of Buzzsprout's free tier service to provide you a much more substantial 2nd episode this month, and another early and much more "important" episode: C1E4 - TwoFer Tuesday - vol. 1.

And now, for the tracklist:

Track#, Game, System, Track Name, Composer, Timestamp: 


01: Intro - 00:00  

02: Gran Turismo 5 - PS3 - Current of the Times - Yudai Satoh - 02:06  

03: Tobal No. 1 - PS1 - Aqua and Trees - Yoko Shimomura - 07:13  

04: Fantavision (US) - PS2 - Vs. Mode - Ashif Hakik - 10:19  

05: Tetris Worlds - multi - Talithan Trance - Donovan Miller - 14:40  

06: Skeleton Krew - Genesis - Sewer Duct - Nathan McCree - 17:18  

07: Doom 2016 - multi - Titan's Realm - Mick Gordon - 20:36  

08: Skate or Die 2 - NES - The Mall - Rob Hubbard - 29:08  

09: Fighting Run - PC Engine - Take Back - Unknown - 32:15  

10: MegaMan 3 - NES - Shadow Man - Yasuaki Fujita - 33:31  

11: Ogre Battle - SNES - Old Man's Prayer - Masaharu Iwata, Hitoshi Sakimoto, and/or Hayato Matsuo - 35:34  

12: Doxa (Unreleased) - PS4 - Unknown City - Daniel Capo - 36:44  

13: So Many Me - multi - Skyraft - Christoper Geehan and/or David Byrne-McCullough - 38:03  

14: Outro - 40:46  


Music Block Runtime: 38:45 , Total Episode Runtime: 46:22  


Our Intro and Outro Music is Funky Radio - Dreamcast - BB Rights 

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NNR Reruns: C1E22: Mishmash Monday - vol 3 (orig rel 01/22/2018)

NNR Reruns: C1E22: Mishmash Monday - vol 3 (orig rel 01/22/2018)

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