Nas The Artist

Nas The Artist

Update: 2021-10-25


Nas the Artist was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He began his art journey taking up graphic design at Mergenthaler High School before transferring to Perry Hall. After graduation, Nas attended CCBC with aspirations to obtain an A.A. degree in Business Administration. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances would arise and Nas decided to pursue entrepreneurship full-time without looking back. He began to teach himself various forms and styles of art all while developing his own style. With inspiration coming from photography, cartoons, music, madonarri, sports, history and much more, Nas formally introduced his own style of art called Artistco. (the ability to use creativity to make an impact) Since then, Nas has started his own business and has received commission work from various clients. He hopes to gain more notoriety while making a positive impactful difference on millions of lives around the world. Through Faith and prayer, we shall get there. This is Artistco.

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Nas The Artist

Nas The Artist

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