DiscoverThe Psychedelic PodcastNasreen El-Mariesh - Wild Woman Unleashed: Psychedelics & Feminine Power
Nasreen El-Mariesh - Wild Woman Unleashed: Psychedelics & Feminine Power

Nasreen El-Mariesh - Wild Woman Unleashed: Psychedelics & Feminine Power

Update: 2023-09-18


In this Psychedelic Podcast episode, Joseph Anew and integration coach Nasreen El-Mariesh spotlight women's unique experiences and challenges in the psychedelic space.

The discussion raises several poignant questions: How did Nasreen’s accidental microdosing journey inspire her to create women-centric initiatives? Why are spaces designed for women in the psychedelic community so essential? How do intention and intuition empower women to tap into their inherent strengths? And, what role do embodiment and the archetypal “wild woman” play in self-discovery?

Tune in for a deep dive into the intersection of psychedelics, personal growth, and female empowerment.

Nasreen El-Mariesh:

Nasreen El-Mariesh (Naz) is a Psychedelic Coaching Institute certified coach specializing in women's empowerment and relationships: to self, our loved ones, and the Divine. She is Co-Founder of Women are the Medicine, a UK-based company offering microdosing programmes and in-person European retreats dedicated to helping women harness the power of psychedelic integration. Their ultimate goal is to generate a positive wave of female-focussed personal and collective growth that will contribute to a more conscious, equitable, and abundant world.

Naz's coaching approach combines science, somatics, and spirituality to provide an expansive and intuitive coaching experience. By delving deep and approaching self-discovery with curiosity, she guides clients through playful yet profound explorations of their emotional and energetic existence. This transformative space reveals that the wisdom they seek resides within, and that fear can be transmuted into love through bold and inspired action.
With a decade’s experience organizing luxury transformational retreats worldwide and an affinity for supporting other coaches, Naz brings a wealth of knowledge to her coaching practice.

Naz is a core facilitator in the Coaching Certification Program at Third Wave’s Psychedelic Coaching Institute and a psychedelic coach for the Institute’s Personalized Psychedelic Coaching.



How Naz discovered the power of psychedelics, starting with microdosing for anxiety.

How to harness intentionality and intuition with psychedelics for self-discovery.

The significance of women-only spaces in the realm of psychedelics & transformation.

Why and how women are underrepresented in the psychedelic space.

How women can cultivate purpose and the courage to pursue it.

The crucial role of embodiment in personal transformation.

Exploring the "wild woman" archetype and its connection to the soul's purpose.

Joseph & Naz demonstrate a live “pattern interrupt” practice.

Naz’s eight-week hybrid microdosing course for foundational change.

The power of working with archetypes.

How Naz’s participation in Third Wave’s coaching programs impacted her evolution.


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Nasreen El-Mariesh - Wild Woman Unleashed: Psychedelics & Feminine Power

Nasreen El-Mariesh - Wild Woman Unleashed: Psychedelics & Feminine Power

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