DiscoverThe Silent WhyNavigating Mother's Day when you're childless
Navigating Mother's Day when you're childless

Navigating Mother's Day when you're childless

Update: 2023-03-21


#68. Many mum's across the UK are likely still glowing after a day of being celebrated, but maybe for you Mother's Day (or Mothering Sunday, to use the proper name) makes you wince a little (or a lot). Well, as a childless-not-by-choice (cnbc) woman I know how you feel, and I'm here to share how I'm learning to mark it without letting it mark me.

This is The Silent Why, a podcast on a mission to open up conversations around loss and grief and to see if hope can be found in 101 different types of loss.

For this episode, I - Claire Sandys - decided to do things a little differently. Instead of an interview, or a prepared blog, I just switched the microphone on and winged it!

I worked from a few notes I made yesterday (on Mothering Sunday, on my Supernote), and I just shared whatever felt right to share.
[I also videoed it to make a 'Reel' on Instagram, so let's see if I manage to pull that together this century!]

As a childless woman, and half of a cnbc couple, I know how tricky Mother's Day can be. However this year it was actually a good one for me, so I thought it might be valuable to share a little about why and how (after 10 years of struggle) that's come about.

Join me as I explore why Mother's Day is a challenge, who struggles with it, how we can refocus it, and what I've found to be helpful along the way.

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Navigating Mother's Day when you're childless

Navigating Mother's Day when you're childless

Claire Sandys