DiscoverA New DirectionNegotiation As A Martial Art – Cash Nickerson
Negotiation As A Martial Art – Cash Nickerson

Negotiation As A Martial Art – Cash Nickerson

Update: 2022-04-20


Everyday we are in a fact we are in negotiations throughout our day.  You are negotiating with your self if you want to continue to read this post.  You may be in negotiation with your spouse, child, boss, co-worker, or friend.  You may be in an industry as an attorney or real estate professional where negotiation is the key to your business.  The fact is negotiation is what we do to get what we want every single day.  How are your negotiation skills?  Not worry whatever they are get ready because Cash Nickerson joins us on this episode of A New Direction with his book Negotiation as a Martial Art.

Cash Nickerson is not just a skilled attorney, and professor of law at Washington University in St Louis he is also skilled in multiple martial arts styles.  Cash Nickerson's book Negotiation as a Martial Art: Techniques to Master the Art of Human Exchange is more than just a book on negotiations it is a book to help you live your life and live it more humanly and be better in every relationship that you will encounter.  This show is just one practical tool after another as Cash Nickerson gets you on the road to understanding how to negotiate in a way that brings us all to the one thing we want and that is a solution.

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Negotiation As A Martial Art – Cash Nickerson

Negotiation As A Martial Art – Cash Nickerson

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