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Neil Patel Simple Tactics to Improve SEO

Neil Patel Simple Tactics to Improve SEO

Update: 2019-05-23


Full Show Transcription (An Idea I picked up from Neil)

Donnie Boivin: A great conversation, we’re gonna talk about SEO and how to get higher ranked on google and everything else but it was fun we talked about our farms, his ranch my farm you know and we just talked about what kind of entrepreneurs and the journey and just the things that he’s done in his short time working with businesses - a couple of things. I was surprised to find he wasn’t the CEO of his company, he really likes being with the tinker so really really fun episode guys

Dive in and have a lot of fun and you know do me a favour I couldn't do these shows without Stacy McGovern and her company Point Blank Safety. You know they are doing just awesome things for police officers and their families but they’re also doing great things to keep us safe on the freeways such as when we going about.

I mean you know, you’ve been driving along there’s an obstruction up on the freeway, there’s usually a cop car sitting there to help keep the workers safe so everybody gets home well that’s usually Stacy’s company, so if you’re ever in a spot where you need safety services to help with your construction projects, your... whatever that you need safety for.

Reach out to Point Blank safety services, tell them that Donnie sent you and watch how awesome and the cool things that they do and can do to protect you, your employees and us as we’re driving along the roads. Enjoy this episode guys, gonna be a lot of fun

Alright guys, it’s going to be a fun killer episode. I’m bringing in Neil Patel man. I know a lot of you that follow the show have been asking me to get him on here for quite a while so it should be a lot of fun to have this conversation so this is Donnie and this is Donnie’s Success Champions, Neil my friend, welcome to the show brother please, tell us your story. Who the heck are ya?

Neil Patel: I’m Neil Patel. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve created a few marketing technology companies, I blog at I have one of the most popular marketing kills on the internet called Ubersuggest which funny enough, is free. That’s pretty much a bit about me you know, that’s - I was 15 and half, I was 16 and now I’m 33 years old.

Donnie Boivin: Yeah no, it’s awesome. I mean I actually have used a couple of your tools that are out there I mean but how did you get into all this? I mean did you wake up one day and say I was going to be this technology influencer or what?

Neil Patel: I don’t know if I’m an influencer but the way I got started in all of this was, I was 15 and half and I was picking up trash and cleaning restrooms, not the best job. But I did it, it paid money. I wanted a higher paying job so I was searching the web on for high paying jobs I realised I wasn’t qualified for any of them at 15. I just wanted to get to 6 figures.

So I ended up creating my own job board, ‘cause I’m like if you can’t find a job what do you do? You create a job board. Probably not the right logic and reasoning but that’s how I thought as a 15 and a half, 16 year old. Created a job board - popped it up, paid someone to help me out took all the money I saved from picking up trash and cleaning restrooms and guess what? It didn’t work. I created a sh***y ME2 version. And I was like, I thought you created a website and people just come!

You know this better than anyone else, no one just comes to your website you gotta do marketing. And then at that point I learned about marketing, paid a few marketing firms. Got ripped off, lost my money. I was frustrated, I was broke at the time, learned it on my own - did a good job, still made no money but I got traffic. Then I was like hey, why not help out other people with marketing. I don’t know how to create a job board but I do know how to get traffic.

Donnie Boivin: So you’re the traditional entrepreneur, not the one that you see hyped in all the media that you become an entrepreneur and hey, you’re a millionaire tomorrow type thing that you see online

Neil Patel: No that wasn’t me, I wish that was me.

Donnie Boivin: (laughs) You and me both. So most things are created out of necessity right? We go on a journey, we buy into some sort of pipe dream you know that this is all we have to do and we’ll sail off into the sunset type thing. But in reality, you like most of us got your teeth kicked in - realised what you did better than some, you just figured how to turn that into a business with the knowledge you had.

And some might say you’ve had a little success of doing that so far. But you know, it’s fun to watch someone who’s created things - what are probably some of those big lessons as you were starting out, figuring all this out that you know maybe were a little tough to learn while others came pretty easy?

Neil Patel: Yeah a few of them were one, you need to focus, I kept trying to do too many things you know, even at 16. When I was doing marketing for other companies I was doing (inaudible). I was 16 years old, got myself to 20 grand a month really fast. Which is good money, even today it’s good money. And then I lost it all and then I lost the money I made on top of that and what I ended up learning is you should focus.

What I was investing in back then was considered cloud computing. There was no AWS or anything like that but I had the idea. I’m not saying that I was the first but I was one of the first to execute on it and I did a sh***y job. And I quickly learned that hey, you should focus. If I just focused and continued to do marketing because even if I was investing then maybe I got that 20 grand to 50, to 100 and I was eventually making over a million dollars a year just doing marketing and then I started expanding into other businesses.

Like why, I should have just kept going in the vertical that I was in and that was a big mistake that I made. You know, as I was generating all this income and growing the business, I quickly learned that just because you do one thing really well, and you can even provide results - it doesn’t mean that you’re going to keep making money. So to give you an idea during the recession in 2008 I lost a lot of customers. When you do SEO and marketing for people they considered that WTF (inaudible). What the heck is this? And I ended up losing quite a bit of income from that as well.

And another hard lesson that I ended up going through was as you’re creating these businesses no matter how smart you are, it’s about people. Funny enough I have a blog coming out on this tomorrow, I don’t know when this goes out and it’s discussing if I had to start over, what would I if I had to do it all over again. And it’s funny in there I talk about I would spend 9 years working for other people before I became an entrepreneur.

See I’d work at a really large corporation like at Microsoft just to see how large companies work. I’d work at a really small startup and not a sexy one like that’s steering fast like Uber or Airbnb, I’m talking one that struggled because then it teaches you how to be creative and think outside the box and make this happen and it teaches you how to be scrappy. I’d also work at a startup that is doing really well and is skyrocketing, that’s raised over 10 million and just growing really fast - reason being, it shows you what companies growing really fast are like and how to keep up with them and how to deal with the mess that scaling fast causes and how to clean it up often.

I”d work for a company that was doing somewhere around a hundred million, but not at a billion and see how they work cause organisationally they got to scale up, they got to improve themselves every time - it’s not that easy.

Donnie Boivin: One interesting thing on that Neil is I spent 20 years as an employee before I launched and became what they call an entrepreneur right. I was in the sales game for 20 years, here’s the difference, now I love your idea of going to work for somebody else but to do that you’ve got to go in with the mindset that eventually you’re going to start your own business. +Cause I never went into that game - I always thought I was going to do the “make a crap tonne of money being a sales guy” and retire until I realised how much more money money the companies were making than I was. It just took me 20 years to get there

Neil Patel: You hit the nail on the head, this process only works if you know you’re going to start a business cause the key to working at all these different company sizes is to learn specific skills from them. From hiring to recruiting, to dealing with bullsh** problems and internal politics, because if you want to build a big business and I learned this one the hard way, this is why I tell people to work for others is people is what grows the company.

It’s not just your idea, it’s not the CEO it really comes down to your kingdom. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, you could be the next Elon Musk, or Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. If you don’t have an amazing team, you’re not going to do well. And I didn’t learn that lesson until - I kid you not - this year. It was actually last year but close enough. And this lesson was really hard for me because it taught me that if you have the right people, you just grow super fast.

Like this year without getting into my revenue, we’ve had 3X in growth.

Donnie Boivin: I mean making an extra 10 bucks a year, that’s pretty good bud - well done. (laughs)

Neil Patel: Really? And we’re well into the millions right, I’m not talking 2, 3, 4 or 5 million we’re substantially more alright, we’re a 8 figure plus business. But to 3X, technically more than 3X but to 3X our size being bootstrapped, self-funded. That’s crazy growth

Donnie Boivin: Right, well but I mean going back to the days, they always taught Henry Ford his genius - his only genius was hiring people that were 10 times smarter than he was in all these unique fields and categories, whether you love Henry Ford or hate him. I love the idea behind it is, there’s a whole interview done where they were trying to bash him in the interview,

“You’re not a very smart guy, why are you the one making all these decisions?” and he says look, I hit this button and I immediately have the head of engineers on the phone, I hit this button I have the head of sales on the phone, I hit this button and you know he has all these geniuses around him and once he found that team of geniuses he was able to do what he was good at which was, lead. While his geniuses were actually going to work and build his business and do all the things they do, You know it’s a brilliant business model

Donnie Boivin: How did you realise that, that's what you need to do for your business? That you couldn't just be chief cook and bottle washer?

Neil Patel: Yeah and funny enough i'm not even the ceo of my business so I’ll be the guy who just focuses on driving the traffic. I had a roommate when I was living in Vegas, and his name is Mike. At the time I was getting like a few hundred thousand visits to my website and now im at 3 point something million visits a month. And Mike was just like, hey you don’t do anything with this traffic let me just figure out how to make some money with it

And Mike made more money faster than I could from my own traffic. Mike didn't go to college, I’m not saying going to college requires anything, he not booksmart Mike’s really creative. He is smart overall, he’s not the type that sits down and he studies and he does well on a test. Mike’s more smart like he needs to solve a problem, he’ll learn and figure it out really fast how to solve that problem but he’s not like a hey let me study for a bar exam type of guy right?

And he’s always did better than me and I was like how is this possible? SAnd Mike’s just like, I don’t do it. I just go find people who are really good in this one thing, who have done it in this space and I work with them and that’s all he did. He just recruited a ton of people who are really good at a specific task, that’s all you do and if they didn’t have a proven track record in the same exact space he wouldn’t deal with them

Donnie Boivin: Wow, that’s pretty smart. Is Mike looking for another job by any chance?

Neil Patel: He’s not

Donnie Boivin: (laughs) Neil’s like I’m protecting that dude

Neil Patel: Yeah, he’s actually my partner now right, so…

Donnie Boivin: So your lane really is driving the traffic and that’s kind of your specialty, your niche to get traffic to sites. Was it just trial and error, you know? You screwing up a lot of things until you figured out what worked to drive traffic or was it, did it kind of come natural to you?

Neil Patel: I was pretty good at it early on, I was always a computer geek. But when I look at traffic I’ve been doing this for 17 years now so overtime…

Donnie Boivin: Well I hope you’ve learned something in that timeframe right

Neil Patel: But more importantly I had no choice, think about: 16 years old, growing up on the Orange County California in a city that has beautiful sunshine, we didn’t have an AC. My parents didn’t have an air conditioner in their house cause we grew up in the poor part of Orange County and we weren’t very broke but my first job was cleaning restrooms and toilets, and I was doing whatever I can to live a better life. And I was just like, I had no choice but to figure it out - I didn’t have tons of money or other people helping me. I just had no choice but to learn it well if you want to do it well, you’ve got to do it on your own if you don’t care then that’s fine

Donnie Boivin: No that’s awesome. So, what’s kind of the big vision with this whole thing? Are you going to become the next internet mogul for lead generation and…

Neil Patel: I don’t know what my next step is other than just keep driving traffic and I’ll just keep driving traffic and growing the leads. I let Mike, he’s the CEO - figure the rest out. Seriously I just haven’t figured it out

Donnie Boivin: That’s awesome. So we’ve got listeners in 78 countries, a lot of entrepreneurs are listening to this show and small businesses trying to figure out how to drive further traffic to their sites. What are some simple tips and tricks or easy things that they could implement now that would help them drive traffic to their businesses

Neil Patel: Sure I’ll give you simplest hack you can do out there and this thing works like a charm ok? So one, if you’re already getting traffic, you can type in the keywords that you already rank for and if you don’t know what they are you look for them in your google analytics, your google search console will tell you and type in those keywords into a free tool called Ubersuggest.

In Ubersuggest, it will give you a long list of other related keywords that also get traffic. Take those keywords, shove them in your content. And don’t just shove them in there, reword them you know jazz it up, so that way it’s also related to all those other keywords. If you rank for that one keyword, it will trigger all the other keywords and it’ll be easier for you to rank for it and how much extra traffic you can get

The next thing I would want you to do is take all your closest competitors, if you don’t know what they are search for them on Google with the keyword you’re trying to rate for. Type in those URLs into Ubersuggest, it’ll show you how much traffic they’re getting from each country, what are their top pages, what keywords are driving business to this top pages and who’s even linking to them. How many social shares do they have, from Facebook to Pinterest you know, you get the point

And what you wanna do is, you take their best pieces of content and you create better versions of it, publish it on your site, reach out to the people who linked out to them - ask the to link out to you and then on top of that, reach out to all the people that shared their content and ask them to share yours

Donnie Boivin: Alright, badass. And you built the whole site, Ubersuggest right?

Neil Patel: Yeah built it for free. Technically it cost me

Donnie Boivin: Sure but somehow you’re using that as a lead magnet into your business...

Neil Patel: Not yet.There’s no lead magnet on it, we don’t click emails, you don’t register for accounts

Donnie Boivin: Then why the hell are you doing it?

Neil Patel: Well fun and games

Donnie Boivin: Just to game the system?

Neil Patel: No no no. Fun and games like, can I beat my competition and screw over their business

Donnie Boivin: (laughs) So you did this all to just see if you could do it?

Neil Patel: Moreso to disrupt the industry but yeah, that would be an entertaining experiment

Donnie Boivin: Love that, that’s brilliant. It’s so funny, I’m not a techy guy right. You know I pay other people to do a lot of that s***t for me because you know my lane is being the face of the company, center of attention, doing all the interviews, going on stages and all that. You’ve got a little bit of that in you as well because you did a crap ton of videos, you’re putting out content and everything else. Would you rather be behind the computer screen or in front of it?

Neil Patel: I don’t care either way, as long as traffic goes up into the right I’m happy. I don’t care about the numbers

Donnie Boivin: (laughs) Right on, right on.

Neil Patel: To go back to that question if you had to tell me Neil if you had to start all over again, do you want to be the face of the company? I would say no

Donnie Boivin: You want to be the backend?

Neil Patel: Yeah. And there’s one reason, it’s harder to sell a face It’s easier to sell a corporate band.

Donnie Boivin: That is a 100% true. Because everybody judges from what they see, not what they know - the analytics and the background

Neil Patel: Yeah, you even think about this. Who’s one of the most popular people in the business arena that you can think of, name one person

Donnie Boivin: In business arena right now Gary Vee is carrying a lot of nobility, Simon Sinek you know guys like that

Neil Patel: Yeah, Tony Robbins, there’s a ton of them. Now Gary has created a company, so has Simon Sinek… I don’t know if Simon Sinek actually has yet.

Donnie Boivin: No he hasn’t yet.

Neil Patel: Tony Robbins definitely has. But if you look at them, they’re definitely doing an amazing job. Tony’s always doing well I don’t know him. Gary, I don’t know him well. He’s done an amazing job as well, built a great company. But the moment a company is tied to a personal brand it’s not worth as much as if you’re just, a Coca Cola or Microsoft or Berkshire Hathaway.

When Steve Jobs passed away it sucked but Apple is still a bigger company than it was before Steve Jobs was in the driver seat. I’m not saying he didn't have a huge impact, he didn’t lay the roadmap. I’m not saying he didn’t do anything like that. He did a ton even for the future of Apple, to make sure that they’re going at the right trajectory. But when a company is named after a person it’s not as valuable as when it’s named after a random thing that you can end up selling

The moment that key person goes away, for example you know I hope Gary Vee lives forever in technology chambers, the same with Tony Robbins or even me. But when we go away, what happens to that traffic and user base that’s following us? I’m nowhere near as popular as them but in general I know my business will go down. Tony Robbins without Tony Robbins will not make the same amount of money period. I don’t care who’s running it

Donnie Boivin: Well prime example is a guy... you’re younger than I am I don’t know how old you are but...

Neil Patel: 33

Donnie Boivin: 33? Alright, I got you with about 10 years. There’s a motivational speaker named Zig Ziglar. Zig had one of the largest brands in the world once upon a time. But now that Zig is no longer around his business is still here but it will never reach the peaks of what Zigler corporation was Zig was around, still alive and kicking you know. It’s the same thing is, a name has no monetary value to it whatsoever

Neil Patel: Sadly right, so you gotta build a company without the person

Donnie Boivin: Yeah but that’s why you see companies like Google and I don’t remember the numbers but spent an astronomical amount of money on their name to figure it out. You know what to name their company to get that brand right out the gate. And that’s where you bring in the branding people always come in and tell it’s brand brand brand brand brand. My argument is, whatever you sell that’s the most important thing

Neil Patel: It really is and without that independent brand, it just… No one knows the founder of Coca Cola is or Pepsi or any of that. Where are based right now?

Donnie Boivin: Fort Worth Texas

Neil Patel: Okay, did you know that the founder of West Fargo also founded American Express?

Donnie Boivin: No I didn't actually

Neil Patel: Yeah and nobody cares who is the founders of West Fargo are, I'm not trying to be rude

Donnie Boivin: Right right right right

Neil Patel: Those brands are still kicking today and they're bigger than when they were founded by whoever founded them

Donnie Boivin: That's funny

Neil Patel: Even American Express right? The founder’s no longer around what's funny is I got into West Fargo and I see pictures of visas and credit cards and think man if your founder was still alive... if they knew that they'd be pissed. They roll in on you guys like, you pitching visa?

Donnie Boivin: (laughs) Right, that’s funny. Well it’s the same thing for any big brands, American Airlines, FedEx, you know all those big brands and the only thing I know about FedEx is the owner was a veteran, that's the best I can tell you. But that's one of the reasons he created it. Same thing with GEICO owner was a veteran, wanted to take care of the military, they forgot that somewhere along the way but you know

Neil Patel: (inaudible) was all about the gecko

Donnie Boivin: Yes 100%

Neil Patel: Profitability… Berkshire Hathaway has grown an arm and a leg, I don't know how much bigger they've grown but they spend probably 100 + million dollars a year just on ads

Donnie Boivin: I remember one time I looked it up to see how much they spent a year and they're not even like in the top 20 of companies that spend on marketing. Blew me away

Neil Patel: Really?

Donnie Boivin: Yeah but you also got to take into account, the stadiums that people are buying. AT&T is in the top, it got the Dallas Cowboys stadiums and a couple of other stadiums. It was really kind of impressive to see because you see GEICO freakin’ everywhere but when the time I looked at it, which was the last couple of years, they weren't even in the top 20 as far as most revenue dollars spent on marketing which is insane to me.

Because they're literally everywhere. It's the only brand I've seen take so many different marketing lines. From the caveman to the gecko to whatever they just have so many different commercials under that brand that you can help and not think about

Neil Patel: Yeah that's funny I was actually googling it the same time were talking, which company spent the most on advertising and then I landed on my own website

Donnie Boivin: (laughs)

Neil Patel: (inaudible) Alphabet over 2 billion a year, never knew that. Charter Communications 2.4 to 2.45, Verizon 2.6; General Motors 3.2; and Amazon 3.3; AT&T 3.5; Procter and Gamble this makes sense because they have so many brands 4.39; number one Comcast 5.75.

Donnie Boivin: Isn't that insane

Neil Patel: It is but when you also think about it, I think we also recall GEICO because they are much better at the ads, like AT&T has boring ads, geico's like ah cool the gecko... creative you know they're not all interesting but a lot of them are

Donnie Boivin: Right, my favourite one is still is the caveman. I love how they work by like the posters and stuff, they get all offended because it's so bad even a caveman… brilliant marketing because they know that it's in the words of Gary Vee, “grabbing attention”. What did you think of this year's Super Bowl ads? Did you watch the Super Bowl at all? (inaudible) ...the game or whatever you're supposed to call it

Neil Patel: Yeah and I looked up also GEICO as well, GEICO spends more than a billion a year on ads

Donnie Boivin: Okay

Neil Patel: So this year's Super Bowl the game was so paced but the ads were good as usual you know they’re creative... Funny enough I still remember the older ones, the Budweiser ones, what's that other one...

Donnie Boivin: ...with Budweiser remember the frogs was a Budweiser (inaudible)

Neil Patel: Yeah, yeah (laughs)... “Budweiser”

Donnie Boivin: (laughs)

Neil Patel: You know I don't think the commercials are as good as what they used to be maybe cause I was younger when I saw some…?

Donnie Boivin: Well I think it's partially because of like YouTube and stuff you know, and now you're able to consumer things in other places. It's a lot harder to come up with something more creative

Neil Patel: You know what's awesome? I was reading an article yesterday while I was watching the Oscars, and the article was talking about how Netflix is screwing over Hollywood and they're crushing it. And I was like ah, this actually makes sense they're screwing up the box office, and they're talking about the movie industry has still grown but the only reason they’ve grown even though the population increased is because of international expansion and they're charging more per ticket

Donnie Boivin: (laughs)

Neil Patel: And they've still grown by 10% is what the article stated I'm not sure how accurate that is. But it’s probably true Netflix and YouTube and Amazon they're just crushing all of it. I watch Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime more than you know like what's on TV

Donnie Boivin: Yeah and you throw in the radio is completely dying again

Neil Patel: Yeah podcasting

Donnie Boivin: Yeah I mean last year alone 200 000 podcasts were launched, which became a whole industry of 600 000 podcasts in total. Which is still small in comparison if you look at other platforms but nobody wants to sit through commercials, you can literally do basically a Google search on a podcast platform and listen to the hell you want to listen to just like you would YouTube video.

You know it's insane I love anything that knocks the big boys out. I don’t wanna really call it disruption or anything else but I love innovation that comes in because you get like your phone bills and all those stuff until they start getting some disruptors coming to the place. You cranking out a ridiculous amount of money for a month for a damn cell phone bill until somebody comes in and really you can almost operate without a cellphone nowadays through different technologies and everything else so

Neil Patel: My daddy has his Apple watch

Donnie Boivin: (laughs) Right, how old is he's gonna have a couple of years on you

Neil Patel: Yeah I think 67

Donnie Boivin: Now how insane is that, that a sixty-year-old guy is wearing an Apple watch

Neil Patel: He's actually older he’s 68

Donnie Boivin: I mean put that in perspective my parents are in that same age range right. I remember growing up as a kid on a rotary phone right? Way back you know I'm 42, Growing up on a rotary phone, they've gone through the whole gambit of when cell phones first hit their head place to now, wearing Apple watches and everything else. It's almost like they've gone from through the footstones to The Jetsons

Neil Patel: It’s crazy

Donnie Boivin: You've got a lot of cool things like Ubersuggest, and Manychat is that the other one you have?

Neil Patel: No that’s Larry Kim’s. Manychat is someone else, I use MobileMonkey

Donnie Boivin: Mobilemonkey, ok. What else do you guys produce with your company? As far as other lead generation, what are the tools do you guys have?

Neil Patel: That's mainly it for lead generation although we still need to click leads from it. We're just having a fun time blogging and educating from YouTube to podcasting like it's been a fun ride and I hope the next 30, 40 years years are as well. It’s crazy I was thinking sitting here I’m thinking about, ah s**t my dad’s getting old

Donnie Boivin: (laughs) why don’t you give me your dad's email address I'm gonna send him a copy of this so he can hear that you on a large podcast just said he’s old as hell

Neil Patel: ...I need to spend more time with him.

Donnie Boivin: Lot of people know this who follow the show, this is really really cool so I have a farm in Texas, and I'm so far out the country I can't get internet access out there. For me to get internet access I've gotta put a 40 foot tower with a satellite dish on top of that to capture Line of Sight, so I actually do all my podcasts on my dad's farm in their cabin in their secondary room, which you see - the green screen behind me.

So every morning on Fridays traditionally when I record these, I’ll get up and Mom will make me breakfast in the morning I'll record podcast all day and I'll finish every Friday with a beer with my old man. You know it's like the perfect day

Neil Patel: That’s cool, you know what's funny my family we have a ranch in Missouri and I've always thought about moving there but I’m like the internet sucks... out there in the wilderness, no one's around you... there's peace and quiet but I'm like I need the internet

Donnie Boivin: You know I tell you man, my wife and I have always joked that we live in a campsite. We have land and everything else but we so far out the country, you don't hear cars, you’ll hear the occasional plane flyover but it's awesome

Neil Patel: I know the feeling when I get to my wife’s ranch, it takes me when I arrive on the ranch it takes me 40 minutes just to get to the house driving on a dirt road like no one's around you

Donnie Boivin: That's so awesome

Neil Patel: (inaudible)

Donnie Boivin: (laughs) Right it's so awesome, so how do people get in touch with you, how do they reach out, how do they find out more about your internet stuff and all that fun stuff

Neil Patel:

Donnie Boivin: And why would people want to follow and consume the information that you're putting out?

Neil Patel: To try to get more traffic, generate more revenue from your website all for free. There is no paid plans

Donnie Boivin: So then I gotta ask what the hell is your revenue model?

Neil Patel: We do have an ad agency and we have some other software companies that make money

Donnie Boivin: Awesome, that's so awesome. Well brother here's how I like to wrap up every one of our shows, and I do stunt some people on this so get ready. If you were gonna leave the Champions who listen to this show, 78 countries around the world... If you were going to leave them with a quote, phrase, a saying, a mantra something they can take with them along their journey especially if they're stacked up against it and going through it. What would you say, remember this…?

Neil Patel: So you're going on your journey you wanna succeed, you wanna do better in life I want you to remember one thing. Every good entrepreneur fails, what separates the good ones from the great ones is that the great ones learn from their mistakes and they avoid making the same ones over and over again.

Now just for a minute think about that. If you as an entrepreneur make a mistake, and you learn from it and you don't make it again, and you make another 100, 2-300 mistakes and you don't make it over and over. Eventually that’ll just leave you with the stuff you should be doing. You don't have to be the smartest person in the world it's ok to make mistakes. You know look at me I'm not that smart, I did well because I learnt from my mistakes

Donnie Boivin: That's awesome. Well man I really appreciate this you jumping in here and doing this with me man and hanging out I'm sure all the champions are gonna enjoy the hell out of this one. But honoured to have you on my friend, honoured to get to know you and if you're a drinker sometime when I'm in town I hit you up and we’ll grab a nice glass of rum of some sort or whatever you're into

Neil Patel: Sounds good, thank you

Donnie Boivin: Absolutely.

Thanks for tuning in today, that was a fun conversation with Neil I really really enjoyed it, you know you really should come hang out with us. I run 2 Facebook groups, that are engaging as hell and a lot of fun to be a part of. One is called Donnie's Success Champions, and it's just a bunch of bad asses all going for it and climbing and leveling up in life. The other one is called So You Want To Podcast, in there we talk all about how to get into podcasting, launch a show, you know find some success, advertising - both these are free groups, so come and hang out with us and let's see if we can all rise together. Thanks guys, see you soon!









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Neil Patel Simple Tactics to Improve SEO

Neil Patel Simple Tactics to Improve SEO

Donnie Boivin