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Update: 2021-10-18


God and man are inseparable. We are all members of the Divine Body, partakers of the Divine nature. We cannot be separated. We are one.


Now, let us turn to Scripture for confirmation of what I have just said. I now quote from the 64th chapter of the Book of Isaiah: “O Lord, Thou art our Father. We are the clay. Thou art our Potter. We are the work of Thy hand.”


Now, listen to it carefully. The word translated the “Lord” is “I AM.” That is our Father; and you can’t put “I AM” away from yourself. Now, the word translated “potter” is “imagination.” He didn’t say, “the potter,” . . “our Potter.”


So, “O Lord, Thou art our Father; we are the clay. Thou art our Potter; we are the work of Thy hand.”


So here, my own wonderful human imagination is now identified with the Lord. It’s the word “Jehovah.” And this is called the “father.” So, I am Self-begotten. We are self-begotten. We’re not the product of something other than ourselves. These terms are interchangeable! “the Lord,” “Father,” “Potter,” “Imagination.” For “potter” is defined in the Concordance as “imagination; that which forms or molds into form; that which makes a resolution; that which determines.” For we are told, “Commune with your own hearts on your beds and be silent.”


For, “if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have obtained the request from Him.”


It’s not “another.” Can I actually have that confidence in myself? Can I actually, this night, commune with my own heart on my bed and be silent? . . knowing that I heard what I did? I know exactly what I did. Can I have confidence in that action? for there is no other god. There is no other “Lord” to whom I can turn.


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Neville Goddard Order Then Wait

Neville Goddard Order Then Wait

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