DiscoverTravel Radio PodcastNew Jersey To Wyoming | Cultivating A Love Of Travel Along The Way
New Jersey To Wyoming | Cultivating A Love Of Travel Along The Way

New Jersey To Wyoming | Cultivating A Love Of Travel Along The Way

Update: 2020-07-28


New Jersey To Wyoming | Cultivating a Love of Travel

Housekeeping: (Megan speaking) I will am moving transatlantic from England to Virginia. Many of my previous guests have graciously hosted episodes of Travel Radio Podcast in my absence. I will be back mid August with some EXCITING NEWS.

Thank you Katherine Parker-Magyar for hosting this episode and roping your amazing mother into the project. You are both gems and I am thankful for your insight into helping us all travel better domestically during this crazy time. Your interview kept me laughing and we all need to laugh right now.

Katherine "Bear Meat" Parker-Magyar hosts this episode of Travel Radio Podcast along with her mother Elizabeth Parker Magyar. Both have visited all 50 states. Elizabeth pulls ahead in the competition for most countries visited with 70 countries notched in her belt. Poor Katherine comes up second with a piddly 63 countries... I jest!

Photo: Katherine Parker-Magyar and Elizabeth Parker via horseback in Spring Creek, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

My purpose for inviting Katherine to host this episode was to capture her family insights into road tripping. As a family of six the Parker-Magyars blazed across the US, via minivan, when the kids were out of school. One constant on their trips was a stop in Wyoming.

As travel agents and travelers are focusing on domestic US road trips this insight is well timed. In the links below you will find an article on the recent Congressional funding of US National Parks also serendipitously timed.

Photo: Katherine Parker-Magyar and Elizabeth Parker at Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park

As travel writers, they imagine and dream together about what the early settlers might have experience. They encourage listeners to visit the heartland. See the USA where Jessie James held up his first stagecoach or chase tornados! The sky is bigger, the rainbows are brighter and the trains are long!

Referenced in this episode is an American-Girls-like series about Native American girls. As a young girl Katherine really enjoyed these books. The link is below in the show notes.

Elizabeth, shares how she coped with four bratty kids over endless hours and days in the car. The secret, travelers and travel agents, is to book hotels with a pool! Tired kids are peaceful kids!

The greatest treasure of this episode is the insight to journal on vacation. In the Parker-Magyar family there is a hard bound travel journal Elizabeth has made to recap all their adventure so that they don't forget. Just write one memory a day if that is all you can muster. Let the kids take a crack at it! Type up your notes and bind them for your kids.

On this episode you will laugh out loud as mother and daughter banter and recap their family road trips. I loved listening to their insights, goals and lessons learned along the way. I hope that you too enjoy and plan better road trips because of it.

Thank you again Katherine and Elizabeth for sharing your family stories and insight with Travel Radio Podcast.

Special Guests: Elizabeth Parker and Katherine Parker-Magyar.


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New Jersey To Wyoming | Cultivating A Love Of Travel Along The Way

New Jersey To Wyoming | Cultivating A Love Of Travel Along The Way

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