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Newlyweds | 2

Newlyweds | 2

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After an intruder appears in John and Debra’s livingroom, John insists that they install security cameras. Debra begins to wonder whether he is spying on her. Her nephew, Shad, looks into John’s background and confronts him with what he finds. Debra’s vision of an idyllic marriage is shattered when she discovers a stash of paperwork in John’s home office.

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Comments (29)


She was brainwashed. This guy was a narcissist and he took advantage of a sweet person. For all those calling her an idiot, look up narcissistic abuse. Mmmk?!

Nov 11th

Fleetwood McDuecen25

that airhead 4th married dolt deserves everything she got. What a loser.

Sep 15th

Christine R


Nov 21st
Reply (1)

Nancy Loomis

This kind of seduction of desperate women by con-men always amazes me. Plus she wouldn't listen to her daughter & nephew. It just goes to show you when women rely on their emotions totally over their brains, the outcome can be tragic.

Aug 2nd
Reply (1)

Linda Boudreau

Just found this after seeing the show based on this podcast, its amazing how a successful businesswoman could fall for this con man common sense should have kicked in when he couldn't prove himself as who he presented himself to be, a successful man wouldn't move in with you have to borrow money or drive your car. If he owned 3 homes then he'd have his own place to stay. I bet she knows to check out new cĺients before signing a contract. But being lonely I guess could cloud judgements, you have to recognise that her children were grown living their own lives, it at the point in life where you don't have the responsibility of raising kiďs looking at where your life is going and being alone is a reality, she was desperate for companionship an easy mark for scumbags. One reason why catfish are so successful in scamming older women.

Jun 5th

Brooke Venning

Deborah is absolutely pathetic. not to mention a horrible mom and aunt. She chose this scumbag over her kids and nephew. She should be embarrassed.

Apr 23rd

Kat Nat

For someone who runs a multimillion dollar business, this woman sure appears to lack any common sense. And, how annoying is Jaclyn's voice and diction?

Apr 18th
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lol im sorry but she is not a very smart woman. its not her fault at all but so many not-smart decisions got her in this situation

Apr 11th

Attila Rahman


Jan 20th

Jason Wood

weird he left stuff in the open. understand the momentums deal but would have though he could have hid it better

Jan 3rd
Reply (1)

Jackie Strong

not too much a fan ... needed something but this is stressful not only because the story bothers me but also it's poorly done. the narrator bothers me the editing bothers me ... come on wonderly. :(

Nov 20th

Adam Mach

amazing !!!!

Nov 1st

Missy Johnson

I'm enjoying the podcast app

Jun 14th

Ruben Gregory Ramos

love it, ability to rewind or fast forward is a problem

Jun 7th
Reply (2)

Tony kharioki

this is amazing

May 8th

Cleo Cleo

I just hate that I cant rewind or fast forward☹

Apr 16th
Reply (2)

Joe Howard

love and lust is clearly a dangerous motivation

Mar 27th

Lori E. Smith

nother laughs all thw rime when shw rwrells her story. Really?????

Jan 27th
Reply (2)

imene nadin

amazing the best podcast ever

Dec 22nd
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Newlyweds | 2

Newlyweds | 2