DiscoverupsideNexme // an on demand real estate platform [UP079]
Nexme // an on demand real estate platform [UP079]

Nexme // an on demand real estate platform [UP079]

Update: 2020-10-21


Interview begins: 6:34
Debrief: 51:42

Vanessa is the Co-Founder and COO of Nexme.
Nexme is an on demand real estate platform that delivers instant access to homes and full-service, professional real estate agents. All at the click of a button.
Nexme charges buyers and sellers a 1.5% commission fee — roughly half of the traditional rate. It connects the site’s users with licensed real estate agents who have at least two years experience and done 10 transactions. Through the agents, it provides home sellers with services including staging, photography and open houses. Buyers and real estate agents have the opportunity to rate each other and properties being listed.
The company does not take a commission from sales, but rather charges agents, inspectors, builders and others involved in the process a monthly subscription fee.
Nexme was founded in 2019 in Seattle, Washington.

Key points: 

  •  Analyst transition to product marketing 13:58

  •  Picking a Startup 16:32

  •  Moving to Seattle to  starting Nexme  19:22

  •  The becoming of Nexme 28:20

  •  What is Nexme 29:42

  •  Balancing the sellers and buyers 36:14

  •  Nexme in the market 38:36

  •  Brokerages 40:35

  • Starting with Nexme in Seattle 43:55

  • Disruption in the real estate world 49:47

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Nexme // an on demand real estate platform [UP079]

Nexme // an on demand real estate platform [UP079]

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