DiscoverKinda Funny Games DailyNintendo Confident on Switch Sales - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.11.18
Nintendo Confident on Switch Sales - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.11.18

Nintendo Confident on Switch Sales - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.11.18

Update: 2018-12-111


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Will Nintendo hit its projected 20 million Switches sold in the fiscal year? Tim and Greg discuss.

00:01:52 - Housekeeping
The Kinda Funny Games Showcase was a blast, and something we’re super-proud of. Even if you’ve seen some of the trailers around, we’d love for you to check out the whole show over at:
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The Roper Report -
00:04:15 - Reggie on Projections, Matt Perez Forbes
00:12:05 - GDC to Honor Amy Hennig
00:16:35 - Epic Yanks Infinity Blade off the App Store, Matthen Hand-ra-han GIB
00:20:37 - Mizzou gets an esport program, Sean Morrison ESPN
00:22:48 - Out today
Reader mail -
00:29:15 - With the impending release of kingdom hearts 3, it seems like the marketing by square is nowhere near what it was for final fantasy 15, even though I think this game has the potential to be much bigger. It seems like there may not even be dlc for the game, and there is no movie, anime, car, etc. Why do you think this is the case? Where you guys approached by square to do another big presentation like you did for final fantasy? - Triss
00:32:15 - Do you think with Pokemon Let's Go being on a console with an actual online infrastructure, we'll get bigger and more significant DLC than simple Mystery Gift Pokemon? - Tybo215
00:34:45 - Is it me or is there a lack of African Americans in the gaming industry's main outlets? I would love to see more perspectives from people of color not just African Americans where should I look? - Black Caesar
00:39:45 - Why are so many of the KFG Showcase news being posted on news outlets without mention of the event? - Braulio
00:40:55 - Why does Kinda Funny give away games during the Morning Show, and not during KFGD? - Tiziano "tee-zee-ah-no"
00:43:20 - Listening to all the Tetris effect and beat saber talk got me jacked to buy a VR unit. During the discussion, Kevin mentioned he was playing beat saber on oculus but you have been using the PSVR unit. I’d love to hear your guys thoughts on the different platforms - Alex
00:47:10 - Squad Up: @N3RDOM on Twitter
You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host:Greg and Whitta
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New Versions of the Switch Inbound? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.25.19
Get your first refill pack free at your trial set at and Greg talk about the rumor that two new Nintendo Switch models are coming.Time stamps - 00:02:57 - HousekeepingToday, we’re live reacting to the PlayStation State of Play stream. 2 p.m. on Twitch, later on YouTube.The Kinda Funny World Tour comes to Kansas City THIS Saturday. Come hang out with us all day at Planet Comicon for panels with the cast of Smallville, Mick Foley, and Henry Winkler! Then, come to our Meet & Greet at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium! No badge needed for the Meet & Greet. NYC, you’re next on April 6th!Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Black Jack, Tom Bock, and Mohammed Mohammed!The Roper Report -00:04:50 - Two New Switches Coming? Ta-ka-shi Mo-chi-zuki @ WSJ00:10:06 Best Friend Q. - With the recent report that there may be 2 new Nintendo Switch models available as early as this summer what is it that you think we are getting from them? Obviously if true a smaller more portable model targeting those 3ds consumers. But what of the more hardcore gamer? Will the reported 2nd rumored device have a better larger screen, more memory, more storage, way better processing? - Brian Scollo00:16:18 - Another Apex Legend Coming this Season? Tamoor Hussain @ GameSpot00:18:00 - Persona 5 The Royal Reveal Trailer, Zar-mena Khan @ PlayStation Lifestyle00:21:40 Best Friend Q. - How do you guys feel about games in the future "expanding" on previous game releases by creating a new game or adding DLC that gives you the option of playing as a character in opposition to the original character you played as in the original main game? - Randleton00:23:32 - Bethesda games coming to steam00:26:02 - No More Full Game Codes at Retail, Wario 6400:39:03 - Comcast to spend $50 mill to Create video game arena,Bob Fernandez @philly.com00:46:50 - Breaking News: Apple Arcade00:51:40 - Breaking News:Gollum lord of the rings game00:40:10 - Out today00:43:30 - Quip00:45:18 - Harry’sReader mail -00:53:33 - How incredible is the Division 2? - Bryce00:56:41 - Squad Up: Wil Adams (Twitter) - @Jester1900:57:45 - You‘re WrongTomorrow’s host: Greg and Ben Runnings
Apex Legends Battle Pass Detailed - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.18.19
Robinhood is giving listeners a free stock at http://games.robinhood.comGet 15% off your first order at's Emma Kidwell joins Greg to talk about Apex's first season of content, Bethesda returning to E3, and more!Time Stamps - 00:08:00 - HousekeepingKinda Funny Press Conference this afternoonGoogle Stream at 10 am tomorrow live!KC on March 30th, NYC 4/6, Vancouver 5/4 you to our Patreon Producers: Mohammed Mohammed, Tom Bock, and Black JackThe Roper Report -00:08:51 - Bethesda returns to E300:12:58 - Breaking Story: APEX Season 100:18:03 - Nindie Showcase Wednesday!00:23:00 - Google to Support Joycons? Matt Purslow @ IGN00:26:45 - Beat Saber sells over 1m copies -, Rebekah Valentine00:29:40 - Games on Snapchat? Alex Heath @ Cheddar00:32:55 - EGM Rebrand!00:39:05 - Out today00:41:58 - ROBINHOOD00:42:51 - THIRDLOVEReader mail -00:44:05 - Why don't more third-party studios try and create continuing narratives centered on one defining character? - Daniel Summers00:49:03 - Do you think we'll ever see a AAA mainstream looter shooter (Destiny, the Division, Anthem, etc..) ever get ported onto the Switch or is this a genre that Nintendo fans are going to be forced live without? - Ramy Fawaz00:51:50 - When the Division 2 come out last week and I was expecting some sort of server/games as a service problems (as no launch is perfect when computers are involved) but I have heard next to nothing. It is not that I want the game to have massive issues at launch but from years of working in IT I know there is going to be a hic-up or two and the only mentions I saw in the IGN wiki guide and the blue screen errors mentioned in the kinda funny games cast. Is this a sign that the game launched better than Anthem or did Ubi know how to spin the PR having dealt with the bad launch of The Division 1? - Borzen00 (Bore-zen Zero Zero)00:55:15 - How you all receive codes for games? - MiKennedy01:00:10 - Squad Up: Jon(Podcasting) - @Swanja31101:01:00 - You‘re WrongTomorrow’s host:Greg and Tim (RIP Dave Lang)
Is GTA Becoming a PlayStation Exclusive? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.13.19
Start your trial month of Hims for $5 at and Greg have a great show talking about Xbox's Halo news and Jade Raymond joining Google, and then, rumors of Sony buying Take Two break!Time stamps - 00:05:10 - HousekeepingDivision 2 Stream Friday!KC Meet & Greet March 30th! NYC the 6th! you to our Patreon Producers: Mohammed Mohammed, Tom Bock, and Black JackThe Roper Report -00:11:50 - Master Chief Collection Comes to Steam, Adds Reach; Brian Jarrard, Community Director at 343 Industries00:15:45 Best Friend Q. - Today, Microsoft revealed that it would be bringing the Master Chief Collection to PC. But, unlike what we would have expected, the game isn’t only going to be sold on the Microsoft store, but also on Steam. With this move, along with the rumors of Game Pass coming to the Switch and with Project XCloud bringing XBox games to mobile, it seems like Microsoft isn’t very interested on controlling the platforms in which it releases its games. Taking this into account, coupled with the fact that the XBox One hasn’t been selling all that much, how likely do you think it is that XBox will just become a third-party developer? - Ignacio Rojas00:22:40 - Borderlands 3!00:24:35 Best Friend Q. - Question whether or not we really need another Borderlands - Alex Russ (Zero Syndicate)00:29:52 Best Friend Q. - Conspiracy theorist Gearbox Software/Xbox - ReclusiveDragon00:32:01 - Jade Raymond Joins Google Gaming, GIB00:34:20 - SEGA Judgement, Sal Romano @ Gematsu00:38:12 - Brendan Greene Speaks!00:42:00 - RUMOR: Sony in talks to buy Take Two00:52:25 - Hims00:53:25 - Out todayReader mail -00:55:30 - When we do get to an all digital future, people say the digital prices will fall, like we saw on pc, but with consoles only having one store front what incentive does the console manufacturers have to actually lower the prices on the games? - Style6501:04:25 - Squad Up: Jonathan Dixon (Xbox) - ZombieJonDixon01:06:26 - You‘re WrongTomorrow’s host:
Anthony Rapp Co-Hosts - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.11.19
Start your trial month of Hims for $5 at Platinum Trophy holder and Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp joins Greg to talk about the new Harry Potter mobile game, Google entering gaming, and more!Time Stamps - 00:08:15 - HousekeepingStar Trek: Discovery Thursdays on CBS All AccessRent, Dazed & Confused, Road Trip69 motherfucking Platinums (Bloodborne, Alien: Isolation, Volume, Fallout 4)I can never say only 1: ME2 & 3. Last of Us. Bloodborne. Horizon Zero Dawn. Limbo. Arkham City. Transistor. Demon’s & Dark Souls. Rayman Legends. Alien Isolation. Dead Space. Bioshock & Bioshock Infinite. Dishonored 1&2. Journey.The Roper Report -00:09:45 - Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Officially Unveiled00:18:42 - Google Controller Mock-up, Brad Sams @ Thurott00:25:52 - Fortnite Lawsuits ending, Hollywood Reporter00:26:32 - Out today00:34:05 - HimsReader mail -00:35:32 - What is your opinion, if any, on Star Trek games. Do you have any thoughts on what a future game in the universe might look like or who you'd like see develop it? - Ben Silverman00:38:18 - Hi Anthony, with your background in musical theater I was wondering what musical, if any, would you like to see be made into a video game? - lowkienan00:40:10 - Anthony, I am a big fan and I got to see you at Broadway Con last year. What is your favorite musical moment in gaming? - Shane00:42:35 - Would you be interested in performing in a video game (if you haven’t already) and how do you see the relationship between actors and game development growing in the future? - Andrew Yeni00:46:58 - DMC 5 got a patch on the PS4 that covers up Trish’s butt with a lens flare. This censorship is in the US only. It’s not like Trish is an underage girl. How can a butt crack be censored, but a game like MK11 is more violent than ever? - EJ00:50:46 - Squad Up: Anthony Rapp(PSN) - Albinokid102600:52:20 - Required Reading -"Things are clearly not working the way they used to" Brendan Sinclar @ GIB: - You‘re WrongTomorrow’s host: Greg and Andrea
EA Reinvents Its E3 - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.07.19
Get 10% off your first order at with promo code: GAMESGet a free month trial at did such a good job hosting EA's press conference last year that the company decided its not doing one this year. Meanwhile, Greg yells.Time Stamps - 00:02:38 - HousekeepingThank you to our Patreon Producers: Tom Bock and Black Jack!The Roper Report -00:05:15 - No EA Press Conference for E3/EA Play00:13:56 - Nintendo Doesn’t Want Your Money, RBV @ GIB00:20:55 Best Friend Q. - Does the mobile games market even matter to Nintendo anymore? Will Nintendo continue to explore mobile development, or has the Switch made that unnecessary moving forward? Is it too soon to declare the mobile game experiment by Nintendo a failure? - Black Jack00:29:05 - PlayStation Releases Firmware 6.50, Remote Play PS4 iOS App00:27:55 Best Friend Q. - With PlayStation announcing their streaming option for iOS devices, do you think they can give Microsoft X Cloud a run for it's money? Did they learn from the "play anywhere" promise of the Vita (RIP)? - Tropical Trent00:28:10 Best Friend Q. - Why do you think PlayStation put this out without a heads up? Do you feel like this is a half step of "hey, this Vita software work on iOS, let's throw it up there. They should like that" or do you think that it's laying the ground work for a more "Play anywhere" next Gen future and all the other features will roll out later - Dapper Stephen with a PH00:31:08 - Anthem Fix for the PS4 Crashes Coming, Michael McWhertor @ Polygon00:41:24 - Nintendo’s Getting into VR… with LABO!, Hope Corrigan @ IGN00:44:18 - Diablo’s Back, other Classics Coming00:46:18 - Brooklinen00:47:28 - Headspace00:48:38 - Out todayReader mail -00:58:20 - The conversation yesterday about the all digital future and Xbox's Game Pass sounded great for consumers but what about developers? - Antony Pullon00:56:10 - Squad Up: Blake(PC) - Bear73_ (Uplay & Steam)00:57:12 - You‘re WrongTomorrow’s host: Fran and Tim
Rest in Peace, PlayStation Vita - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.04.19
Get 10% off your first order at with promo code: GAMESGet a free month trial at and Greg put the final nail in the Vita's coffin, talk about THQ Nordic's latest apology, and gush about The Division 2.Time Stamps - 00:04:30 - HousekeepingThank you to our Patreon Producers: Tom Bock and Black Jack!The Roper Report -00:06:50 - For Reals, RIP Vita, Hayden Taylor at GIB00:08:20 - THQ Nordic parent company aplogizes for AMA, Brenan Sinclair GIB00:13:13 - Witcher 3 Game Director Joins Cyberpunk 2077 Team, Jody Macgregor @ PCGamer.com00:16:10 - Dreams will have game templates, Leon Hurley @ GamesRadar00:21:42 - Apex Legends hit 50 Million Players Worldwide00:22:08 - Anthem issues00:27:10 - Out today00:29:18 - BROOKLINEN00:30:24 - HEADSPACEReader mail -00:32:08 - I was in the open beta for Division 2 this weekend and experienced a lot of audio problems. I wondering if you experienced any of this with your time on the beta and of course your opinions on the game? - Alan Kuhlemier00:35:05 - The Division 2's game director Julian Gerighty addressed a major concern from the first Division, bullet sponge enemies. He said "You're going to kill enemies much faster, but they're going to kill you much faster too, which really puts the emphasis on cover-based gameplay." This was my biggest problem with the original Division, some of the heavies took forever to kill. Greg, you've spent a lot of time hands-on now, do you think this problem has been adequately solved? Are the heavy enemies and bosses less bullet spongey in your opinion? - Black Jack00:39:11 - Do you have general tips about managing gaming time while keeping a healthy relationship? - Dan Lima00:43:27 - What do you guys think about more and more games becoming services and streaming services. Without really owning a physical game? Does it make you worried for collecting game for your library? - Justin Das00:47:24 - Do you in any way forsee a "gaming financial crisis" occuring in the near future? - Angelos Gambitsis00:50:18 - Squad Up: Tim Currey(PS4) - Steppenwolfmotha00:51:30 - You‘re WrongTomorrow’s host: Greg and Tim
Cyberpunk 2077 Is Coming to E3, Anthem Loot Changes - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.28.19
Get your first refill pack free at sure you go to to redeem your offer and let them know I sent you to help support the show! Andrea and Greg talk about what CD Projekt Red has up its sleeve, Anthem's loot changes, and more.Time Stamps - 00:03:02 - HousekeepingThank you to our Patreon Producers: Tom Bock, TJ Meehan, Joebeezer, Trevor Starkey, Mohammed Mohammed, and Black Jack.The Roper Report -00:03:52 - CYBERPUNK 2077 WILL BE AT E3 2019 - via Joe Skrebels, IGN00:05:35 Best Friend Q. - Now that CDPR has said they will be showing Cyberpunk at E3, Do you think we will see a release date for the game? - BostonBeerDude00:10:53 - BioWare makes crucial improvements to Anthem loot mechanics - Emma Kent @ Eurogame00:20:53 - Congrats to Horizon, Herman Hulst00:23:27 - Out today00:29:55 - Quip00:31:05 - Harry’sReader mail -00:32:33 - Now that Dry Bones is confirmed to be coming to Mario Tennis Aces, is this enough to bring you back to the game Greg? - CP00:35:04 - Did you see that sexy work of art that is the limited edition PS4 Pro? - EJ00:42:04 - Greg, I know you recently finished Anthem's campaign, what did you think of the story or lack thereof? Andrea, as a longtime Bioware fan, what are your thoughts on the way story is handled in Anthem now that you've had a chance to really dig into it? - Black Jack00:44:02 - Ubisoft revealed their year one roadmap for Division 2. I'm happy to see that this content is arriving in a free update which helps to not gate out players from new ways to play. However, they're still selling a $40 season pass to allow access a week early to this content, additionally immediate access to specializations. Now I'm not one to complain about a free addition to a game I'm going to love. But it seems to me there really isn't too much incentive to get the season pass. Is there something I'm missing here? - Alex Russ00:50:56 - PAX East Schedule and Showfloor map is up, and noticed that there’s no Kinda Funny panel this year. - BobbyWasabi00:52:55 - Squad Up:Alex Russ(Playstation) - zero_syndicate00:58:38 - You‘re WrongTomorrow’s host: Greg and Tim
Pokemon Sword and Shield Reactions - Kinda Funny Games 02.27.19
Get your first refill pack free at sure you go to to redeem your offer and let them know I sent you to help support the show! Tim's week of dreams continues. Come listen to all his thoughts on Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Plus, Greg and Tim tackle EVO's Smash change and THQ Nordic's dumb decision. Time Stamps - 00:02:04 - HousekeepingThank you to our Patreon Producers: Tom Bock, TJ Meehan, Joebeezer, Trevor Starkey, Mohammed Mohammed, and Black Jack.The Roper Report -00:02:35 - Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield00:09:09 - Best Friend Q.Tim, what are your thoughts on Shigeru Oh-mori directing Sword and Shield? - 2038 Pokémon CEO00:10:55 - Best Friend Q. -Will Pokemon ever break out of its mold like how Zelda BotW broke out of its mold or will we continue to get the same cut and paste version of Pokemon? - The Sheep Whisper00:16:55 - Best Friend Q. - With what little we know about this seemingly large entry, what are some things that you guys hope they include and what are some of the things in the trailer that disappoint you or have you worried? - Ya Boi Morgan00:23:38 Best Friend Q. - I am reading comments from Pokémon fans about the seemly lack of a third person camera control. 2038 Pokémon CEO supports this. It makes sense since Pokémon targets an audience when given a traditional control scheme may become anxious. Do you think this means the Pokéball Plus will work? - 2038 Pokémon CEO00:25:00 Best Friend Q. - When do you think Link's Awakening & Pokemon will release? - Dan00:26:24 - EVO 2019 Lineup Announced00:30:14 - Resident Evil 2 Tops 4 Million Units WW00:32:20 - Yup, Overkill’s The Walking Dead is Officially Dead00:33:37 - Horizon X PUBG00:34:46 - THQ Nordic’s Fuck up, Nathan Grayson @ Kotaku00:47:28 - Quip00:48:20 - Harry’s00:49:45 - Out today00:52:50 - Squad Up: Corbin(Reddit) - nibroc013 & Carlizabeth00:53:50 - You‘re WrongTomorrow’s host:Greg and Andrea
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Nintendo Confident on Switch Sales - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.11.18

Nintendo Confident on Switch Sales - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.11.18

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